Boxing News: Andre Ward speaks of faith, Sergey Kovalev calls him a coward

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Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev, Floyd Mayweather
Andre Ward retirement, pulling off a Floyd Mayweather to avoid Sergey Kovalev

A boxing fan might say that the best thing Sergey Kovalev did when he fought Andre Ward for the light heavyweight title was to start strong, knocking him down early to make an impression of his dominance last.

But Andre Ward did most of the work afterward. He worked his way back subtly, going to the body, pushed an effective in-fighting strategy. Sergey Kovalev had other moments but faded down the stretch, as a result.

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Countless fans and analysts though can easily contest this opinion. The real opinions that matter are those of the judges, who all called for an Andre Ward victory. It’s a situation that ought to be resolved with a rematch.

Sergey Kovalev calls Andre Ward a coward

Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev 2 should happen to clear our doubts as to the result of the first bout. But boxing news point out that Ward is considering retirement if the deal does not make sense business-wise.

“Of course he realizes that we have to fight again, and so he starts saying that he can just leave boxing. Well if he leaves then everybody will realize that he is a coward,” Sergey Kovalev said in a report by BoxingScene.

Andre Ward on his faith and beating Kovalev

“This fight, for me, was my favorite performance. I don’t ever want to be on the canvas, you know, I’m not a fan of that and I don’t subscribe to that, but at the same time, these things happen and sometimes God will put you in these situations to show you that you can get through them,” Andre Ward told FightHype for boxing news.

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“When you get through them, I’m telling you, bro, it makes you strong. To be down early against this guy, who everybody said was this big puncher and the best light heavyweight in the world, to basically laugh at the knockdown, get up, and then go to work and come back, man, it makes you feel like there’s nothing you can’t overcome.”

Ward believes that he has done enough to close out a competitive fight, and that “Krusher” Kovalev needs to respect that, boxing news reveals.

“He should acknowledge that instead of making excuses. It’s not a good look for the Krusher…He was mentally beaten and physically broken down. That’s never happened to him. He’s going to have to mentally bounce back if there is a rematch, and I’m not sure he can…it is the first time a fight didn’t go his way. Now he’s falling apart and blaming everyone but himself.” Andre Ward added.

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