Boxing News: Bradley endorses Manny Pacquiao, tells Filipinos to vote for him

Timothy Bradley was all praise for Manny Pacquiao even to the point of telling the Filipinos to vote for him in the coming elections.

Timothy Bradley has acted as Manny Pacquiao’s campaign manager for a while when he said that Pacquiao deserves a seat in the Senate considering what he has done for the Philippines and for the Filipino people as well.

Yahoo Sports reported Bradley made this statement during their last press conference held Wednesday in Las Vegas. The 32-year old Bradley issued the statement for the eight-division champ whom he will be facing over the weekend for their third fight. He even called the rumors that Pacquiao will lose in the coming elections in the Philippines if he also loses the fight.

“I read something the other day where someone said Manny Pacquiao, in order to win his campaign, to do what he has to do, that he has to win this fight. I think that is baloney. I think that is garbage. I don’t think the fight has anything to do with what this man has shown for the Filipino people, where he’s from. To lose a fight or whatever happens and not get what is rightfully deserved, for him to win [the Senate seat] … If he hasn’t shown everybody what he is made of with everything he has done for the Philippines and the Filipino people,” Bradley said.

He added that what Pacquiao has shown over the years fighting and bringing honor to the Philippines should be something that every Filipino should see. He stressed that Pacquiao is the man the job and that he should be given the opportunity to serve his people.

“He is truly, truly to me the only one out there who is going to do right by the Filipino people. … He’s shown over and over that he is for the people and by the people and that he’s a man of his word. He’s always shown that character and that integrity and I think he’s the right man for the job. Good luck in your campaign. I wish nothing but the best for you, man. I hope you truly, truly win. I really do,” Bradley explained.

Top Rank’s CEO Bob Arum for his part was amazed by the words from Bradley and even narrated that in his 50 years as a boxing promoter, it was the only time that he heard a boxer campaigning for his opponent.

“It blew me away. Never in 50 years in this business have I heard a thing like it. You have two guys in a big fight and one of them gets up and does a campaign speech for his opponent. It was unbelievable and shows what a class act Timothy Bradley really is,” Arum added.

On the other hand, ESPN reported that Pacquiao admitted that a win over Bradley would boost his chances in winning a Senate seat in the coming elections, but Pacquiao assured the public that he and Bradley will give them a good fight this weekend as he has stressed that this will be his last fight as well.

Photo Courtesy: @BoxingHpye/Twitter

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