Boxing News: Brewing feud between Manny Pacquiao and Nonito Donaire, Rachel Donaire on Floyd Mayweather reference

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Manny Pacquiao, Nonito Donaire, Floyd Mayweather, Rachel Donaire
Manny Pacquiao, Nonito Donaire feud, Floyd Mayweather, Rachel Donaire

Manny Pacquiao has proven that he still has some fight left in his tank after defeating Jessie Vargas in convincing fashion. Boxing news follows with possibilities of a rematch against Floyd Mayweather, or a showdown at the junior welterweight division with Terence Crawford.

There are a lot of options out there for the new WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao with other big names, such as Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia making up the list of potential opponents.

But Rachel Donaire, wife of Nonito Donaire sounds feisty enough for a catfight in defense of Manny Pacquiao ‘s criticisms against her husband.

The Pac-Man had criticized Nonito Donaire after his fight with Jessie Magdaleno, indirectly calling him lazy and unfocused.

“Don’t be lazy and always go hard in training,” Manny Pacquiao said in a report by the Manila Times for boxing news. “In boxing, you cannot take your training lightly and you can’t be lazy.”

“Whoever your trainer is if you don’t train seriously, you’ll end up with nothing,” he said. “I’m hoping he’ll train seriously if he’s determined to come back.”

Nonito Donaire hasn’t made a direct reply to this comment, but Rachel Donaire won’t have any of it.

She fires back against Manny with a clawing of her own via Twitter, pointing out that the scorecards for Nonito Donaire-Magdaleno and Pacquiao’s 2015 loss to Floyd Mayweather were the same – 116-112 on two cards and 118-110 on the third, according to a report by Rappler.

While Nonito Donaire fought Magdaleno flatfooted, Manny Pacquiao fought Floyd Mayweather without a solid approach, and with a very low punch output.

Aside from the Floyd Mayweather remark, she also corrected Manny Pacquiao in his reference to Magdaleno as a former Olympian, and that he might have meant Oscar Valdez.

Will an apparently fermenting feud against Nonito Donaire escalate with Rachel’s latest comments? Asked if Manny Pacquiao ‘s criticisms were merely practical and positive, she replied, “It wasn’t constructive.”

“I pray the advise was out of love and experience and not malice considering the ironic score rt” Rachel Donaire tweeted.

Manny Pacquiao has now improved his rankings on ESPN’s top ten boxers list at number 7, after beating Jessie Vargas by UD.

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