Boxing News: Canadians wanted Adonis Stevenson to lose against Thomas Williams Jr.; Sergey Kovalev next

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Photo courtesy: Adonis Stevenson Facebook page
Adonis Stevenson knocks out Thomas Williams Jr.

The real fight in the light heavyweight division ought to have happened two years ago when Adonis Stevenson was supposed to face Sergey Kovalev, but the former chose to walk away.

He became The Ring, WBC and lineal light heavyweight champion after beating Chad Dawson by TKO. However, he has defended his titles six times against relatively soft contenders.

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Adonis Stevenson defended his title for the seventh time against Thomas Williams Jr. tonight as a 6:1 favorite to retain the belt.

According to a report by SkySports, Adonis Stevenson was eyeing a knockout win against Williams, and he wanted to do it for his daughter.

“We go for the KO. It is also the birthday of my daughter and I want to offer her a KO, I am motivated. This will be exciting… don’t blink!” Stevenson said.

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Unlike his act of walking away from Sergey Kovalev, this statement seems sounder. In fact, the only reason Stevenson seems to have remained popular in spite of not facing tough competition is that he really is a knockout puncher.

He has real power in his hands, except the fans want to see him tested against better fighters. He is fun to watch, but his matches have become more of stages for showcasing his power, instead of putting in credible matchups.

He knocked out his opponent Williams Jr. with a devastating left hand in the fourth. He knocked him down in the first, and both slugged it out ‘til Williams Jr. crumbled on the floor.

Before the match Thomas Williams said he was surprised at how Canadians wanted Stevenson to lose.

“When I came to Canada for the press conference, I received a good welcome. People were friendly. I thought a lot of people in Canada like Adonis Stevenson because he’s from there, but a lot of people were telling me knock this guy out. I don’t even know why they were telling me this.” Thomas Williams Jr. told ESPN.

It was difficult for Williams to beat Stevenson with lesser experience and a shorter reach, but he seemed to hurt “Superman” in the second.

It was exciting to watch in the sense that both boxers had suspect chins, and were really going at it.

Now we’re back to the future with Kovalev.

Photo courtesy: Adonis Stevenson Facebook Page

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