Boxing News: Canelo Alvarez vs Mayweather rematch

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Floyd Mayweather retired from the sport of boxing for over a year now, following his fight with Andre Berto, and the Fight of the Century with Manny Pacquiao before that. But pitting him against different champions continues to make it to boxing news.

Floyd Mayweather comeback bout possible?

It’s amazing how, time to time, he puts up photographs of himself relaxing in watering places, and mansions, and yet the names of Manny Pacquiao, Gennady Golovkin, and even UFC’s Conor McGregor get mixed up with him.

The latest name in boxing news to be pushed for a Floyd Mayweather comeback is Canelo Alvarez.

Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez fought back in 2013, where “Money” earned a decision win, completely outsmarting the Mexican in every round, from start to finish. It was a masterful display of a balanced attack and defense, where there was no mistake of his control in every step of the way.

Canelo Alvarez was deemed a live opponent. He’s a naturally bigger fighter at middleweight, while Floyd fights best as a welterweight. But it was his skills that eventually took over the fisticuffs, overwhelming Canelo Alvarez physical advantages.

However, if a rematch between the two would take place today, WBO Pres. Francisco Valcarel believes Canelo Alvarez would knock him out in a Floyd Mayweather comeback match.

“I have no doubt that right now Canelo Alvarez knock out Floyd Mayweather in a rematch. The Canelo who fought with the English fighter Liam Smith, would have knocked Mayweather out at 154 lbs. – I have no doubt about that.” Valcarel said in a report by Boxing Scene.

“Canelo Alvarez is a fighter boxing needs. Canelo is the only world chamion at this time, outside of Manny Pacquiao, who can draw fans to the venues. I do not understand why the critics attack Canelo, bcause he’s been very good for boxing.”

Is a fight between Canelo and Money May in the making? Is the WBO official trying to renew an old rivalry, egging on a Floyd Mayweather comeback?

“Every day that passes, Canelo becomes a better fighter. He has better use of his jab, throws combinations better, has a better chin, he is handsome, intelligent in the ring and most important he has the heart of Mexico. He is the fighter that everyone wants to face.” Valcarel added.

But perhaps he’s failed to recognize that Floyd Mayweather ‘s real strength lies on the mental aspect of the sport, that he’s always two steps ahead of his opponents, knowing what to do, how to counter, even before a punch is even thrown at him.

Will we be hearing more boxing news regarding the two boxers? Will Floyd Mayweather comeback and fight soon?

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