Boxing News: Floyd Mayweather choosing between Gennady Golovkin, Conor McGregor in comeback fight

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Floyd Mayweather next fight Gennady Golovkin
Photo courtesy: Bryan Horowitz/Flickr, Floyd Mayweather vs Gennady Golovkin, Floyd Sr. believes his son will fight again,

Floyd Mayweather vs. Gennady Golovkin or “GGG” is being cooked as the comeback fight for the American after retiring from boxing, according to various reports. This is after rumors that Mayweather wants to fight Conor McGregor in his return to the sport.

Morning Ledger claims that the American is considering fighting Golovkin, who is from Kazakhstan and one of the new faces of boxing alongside Canelo Alvarez. The rumors could be nothing with Mayweather not officially announcing a comeback.

An Alvarez and Golovkin bout is also being discussed in the boxing circles but if Mayweather decides to return, there could be big money involved for both fighters if they set up a fight.

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Via Daily Mail, it confirmed that Mayweather admitted that he wanted to fight against McGregor to confirm the rumors that both parties were talking to set up the crossover fight between UFC’s biggest star and boxing’s former world number one boxer.

The main reason for a Mayweather comeback fight in boxing is money although he is already the highest paid boxer in the history of the sport.

A fight against Golovkin will match the hype of the Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao “super fight” in 2015 and a fight against McGregor is also expected to be attractive to boxing and MMA fans.

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If Mayweather is serious in his comeback to boxing, there are also rumors that he might consider fighting Pacquiao again in a rematch.

The first one was controversial and was won by Mayweather via unanimous decision victory. But Pacquiao was injured in the fight with some boxing fans demanding that they see each other again when both are healthy so they can produce a more exciting fight.

Photo courtesy: Bryan Horowitz/Flickr

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