Boxing News: Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao both come out of retirement, set up November fight?

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Keith Thurman wants Floyd Mayweather
Keith Thurman agrees with other boxing analysts that the supposed “dream fight” between Floyd Mayweather against UFC champ Conor McGregor should not be even considered to take place.

Both retired from boxing, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao could be making a comeback in the sport later this year and the two former top pound-for-pound boxers could face off in a rematch in a November bout.

Pacquiao is reportedly returning to boxing with top super lightweight contender Terence Crawford as a possible opponent this year. Other rumors state the that Filipino boxer could face Fernando Vargas or Danny Garcia in November.

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However, new reports are in on Monday that Pacquiao could possibly face Mayweather in a rematch, according to World Boxing News.

“Patents acquired by Mayweather in 2016 including TBE 50 and TMT 50 would suggest at least one more fight for this generation’s greatest combatant, who by his own admission is yet to get back into training since his last bout,” the report stated.

Floyd Mayweather defeated Manny Pacquiao in a boring 12-rounder in the “Fight of the Century” last year. The undefeated American retired from the sport after dealing Andre Berto a beating in another boring fight.

“In November, I’d like it to be one of the two other guys mentioned, Danny Garcia or Jessie Vargas. Garcia would be my top pick but I’m not sure it can be made so I think it’ll be Vargas,” Roach admitted to Boxing News Online that he prefers Vargas or Garcia over Crawford, currently the world champion in the division.

“I don’t mind it being one of those guys in November but Crawford is much better than them so I wouldn’t want Manny to jump straight into that. I think they should build the fight more, maybe put them both on the same show.”

There is thought that Roach is not confident with Pacquiao’s performance if he immediately faces a top contender like Crawford.

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The Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather bout smashed boxing records both in gate attendance and pay-per-view numbers. A return is likely for both as there could still be lucrative deals especially if they agree on a rematch.

Photo courtesy: Twitter/Floyd Mayweather

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