Boxing news: Judge tells Adrien Broner ‘You’re not ducking this one.’

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Adrien Broner is serving a 10-day jail sentence after violating his probation of a 2015 case.

Timing is crucial in the sport of boxing, and Adrien Broner started off with an intro that has sentenced him to 30 days in jail. Nicknamed “The Problem,” Adrien Broner used to be a top 10 pound-for-pound boxer in the world, but he has gradually dropped down the ranks.

Adrien Broner was scheduled on trial on Tuesday, but arrived three hours late. He reasoned out that somebody might have put something in his drink Monday night, to delay him. However, the judge wouldn’t have any of that.

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“It’s not a good excuse. He looks like he’s drunk or hung over. To coin a little boxing phrase — you’re not ducking this one.” Judge Ruehlman said. He sentenced Broner for 30 days in jail for contempt of court, even though reports say the case was supposed to be dismissed today had he arrived on time.

Adrien Broner was not always on the losing side of things, but at only 26 years old it seems like his prime is already way past him.

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He had a splendid start at the lower divisions, where his fighting style was quickly likened to Floyd Mayweather Jr. for his shoulder roll defense. Some fans even felt he was more exciting ‘cause he was more offensive minded and stayed to fight.

His notable matches early in his career were against Ponce De Leon, and then Vicente Rodriguez, where he won the WBO super featherweight title. He would go on to become a four-weight world champion until he let it all get in his head.

Upon Judge Ruehlman’s ruling, he further stated, “The world doesn’t revolve around you. We don’t wait three hours and 20 minutes for you.”

Ironically, that seems to be how Adrien Broner has been behaving lately. He’s been missing the weight limit during fights, showing off his money in the streets, flushing a wad of it down the toilet, he was also involved in a sex video scandal, and now in an assault and robbery case stemming from a gambling dispute.

Will Welsh, Adrien Broner’s lawyer, tell reporters, “He certainly apologizes and understands why the judge was upset.”

Adrien Broner aka “The Problem”, once prided himself and on how boxing has saved him from the hardships of life. He used that platform to become a three-time world champion at 23 years old. Now it seems his wounds are self-inflicted.

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