Boxing News: Manny Pacquiao vs Vasyl Lomachenko agreed at 135 lbs.

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Vasyl Lomachenko vs Orlando Salido, Yuriorkis Gamboa
Vasyl Lomachenko vs Orlando Salido, Yuriorkis Gamboa

The epochal rise of the legend of Manny Pacquiao in the sport of boxing has been characterized by his demolition of much bigger opponents across weight divisions. He originally fought at flyweight, and went on to beat the likes of Oscar De La Hoya and the towering Antonio Margarito.

Boxing news abound whenever Manny Pacquiao steps up in the ring for the courage he represents, too much, in fact, that it could arguably border foolhardiness. But he’s never failed to put up a fight, win or lose. For that, he is easy to love.

His greatness can be demeaned by boxing news and rumors of the devils of catch weight demands. Perhaps De La Hoya was too drained to fight him, and so was Cotto and so forth. Now, it is he who is willing to cut down his weight, even at the age of 37, to fight younger fighters.

Manny Pacquiao vs Vasyl Lomachenko next?

“I can do it; 140 is my natural weight. I need to eat five times a day to make 147 and sometimes I throw up from eating too much.” The Pac-Man said for boxing news.

The 28-year-old Vasyl Lomachenko (6-1) is one of the world’s best fighters today and is the WBO junior lightweight champion. He isn’t willing to step up to 140 lbs. and cites the need to adjust and train for a year.

However, with Manny Pacquiao giving it a go for a possible 135 challenge, the fight weight is essentially agreed on.

“Imagine me back at 135 pounds?” Manny Pacquiao said in a report by BoxingScene.

Apart from Vasyl Lomachenko, the names of Floyd Mayweather and Terence Crawford too have been brought up as possible opponents. Mayweather would no doubt rake in the most profit, while Crawford could be too dangerous to take, as per boxing news.

Manny Pacquiao vs Vasyl Lomachenko is the most intriguing, thus far, and is Bob Arum’s “dream fight.”

“All of those guys would be in the mix.” Bob Arum said in a report by the PhilStar.

Meanwhile, Manny Pacquiao remains coy, if not diplomatic- a skill he’s learned with his expanding experience in politics. He falls short on naming an opponent, and said he’d want to focus on his job in the senate.

He even donated his WBO belt to show his devotion to the Philippines.

“To manifest my heartfelt thanksgiving, I would like to donate my WBO welterweight belt to the senate of the Philippines,” Manny Pacquiao said in a report by ESPN.

“The honor does not belong to me alone but to every Filipino. May it serve as an inspiration for everyone to pursue excellence and to continue fighting for our nation’s sovereignty.”

Photo courtesy: Vasyl Lomchenko/Facebook

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