Boxing News: Nonito Donaire unlikely to fight in Manny Pacquiao card again for poor work ethic, lazy vs Jessie Magdaleno

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Boxing news on Nonito Donaire, Manny Pacquiao
Boxing news on Nonito Donaire vs Jessie Magdaleno, Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao ‘s comeback versus Jessie Vargas was the first time the “Pac-Man” and Nonito Donaire had ever fought on the same card for the entire length of their careers, and it looks like that would be the last. Boxing news reveals Manny Pacquiao is far from impressed with his compatriot’s performance.

In fairness to Nonito Donaire, his undefeated opponent Jessie Magdaleno (24-0) didn’t win as convincingly as the scorecards show: 116-112, 116-112, 118-110. It was a bout that could have gone underway, in fact, some may say it should have been a draw.

But Manny Pacquiao (59-6-2), being the legendary champion boxer, he is, ought to infer more from what he saw, and he feels Nonito Donaire could have done so much more not only during the match but also in his preparations before it.

“Don’t be lazy and always go hard in training,” Manny Pacquiao told the Manila Times for boxing news. “In boxing, you cannot take your training lightly and you can’t be lazy.”

Unlike in most of his matches, Nonito Donaire fought Jessie Magdaleno flat footed. Perhaps he was trying too hard to pull off a sensational knockout and proves to box fans that he’s a completely different boxer now. He wants to show to boxing fans that he’s a “mentally” renewed fighter, so much so that he may have gotten overconfident up there.

Nonito Donaire fought front-and-back all night that made his attacks predictable, easily timed for its lack of variety. You kind of always knew when his left hook was going to come, and Jessie Magdaleno, being a skilled prizefighter himself, slunk and countered him well.

Rarely, you see Nonito Donaire try for the body, which would have been a sound idea against a young bull, to tire him out.

Boxing news revealed months ago that Nonito Donaire Sr. had been replaced by Cuban coach Ismael Salas to train his son, and that change may have reflected in the bout. But Manny Pacquiao disagrees.

“Whoever your trainer is if you don’t train seriously, you’ll end up with nothing,” he said. “I’m hoping he’ll train seriously if he’s determined to come back.”

Manny Pacquiao could have done much more himself when he fought Jessie Vargas. Many saw him restrain himself when he could have showered his opponent with a barrage of punches. But it was an impressive performance nonetheless.

Boxing news and rumors abound that his next opponent could be Terence Crawford or Floyd Mayweather in a rematch of the Fight of The Century.

With an unimpressed Manny Pacquiao, it seems sharing a card with Nonito Donaire again will be unlikely.

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