Boxing Preview – Keith Thurman vs. Shawn Porter: When friends collide

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The boxing fight between the undefeated Welterweight champion Keith Thurman (26-0-KO22) against Shawn Porter (26-1-1, KO16) was initially scheduled to take place last March 12, 2016 but was postponed after Thurman suffered an injury due to a car accident. The long awaited fight will now finally take place on June 25th at the Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York.

Oddsmakers give a slim edge to Thurman to win this match up, yet some boxing pundits have raised doubts considering that he got staggered by then 34-year-old Luis Collazo when they fought last year. Had it been the younger and stronger Shawn Porter who had hurt him, they say, chances are that the result could have been different.

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Thurman struggled against Collazo, who consistently attacked Thurman’s body. The defending champion appeared to be slowing down and dazed at one point, but the bout was eventually stopped when Luis Collazo complained about his vision after sustaining an eye injury in the boxing match.

Shawn Porter is slightly shorter than Keith Thurman with a shorter reach, but he is stockier. He is also very energetic. For the most part of his amateur career, he has fought as a Middleweight, and is not intimidated by the power of fighters in the higher division. He is a relentless attacker who likes to swarm his opponents and wear them down. It will be difficult for anyone to fend him off.

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Shawn Porter’s fighting style, however, is not new to Keith Thurman. Apart from being long-time friends, both have practically climbed the ranks of prizefighting together. They have trained together and have sparred so many times in the gym. The fact that both of them are already familiar with each other means that they know what to expect when the day comes.

There will be less time spent feeling each other out. Both fighters promise war when they face each other up in the ring, and there is no reason at all not to believe it. For often, one’s worst enemy used to be a friend, even in boxing.

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