Conor McGregor will fight Floyd in his doorstep, Floyd Mayweather next fight rumors revived, Adrien Broner camps with old friend

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Floyd Mayweather next fight, Conor McGregor
Floyd Mayweather next fight, Conor McGregor, Adrien Broner, Dana White

Floyd Mayweather is widely considered the best boxer of his generation, and among the best of all time. He’s fought some big names in a career that spanned 19 years, winning 12 titles in 4 different weight classes.

Now, “Money May” is living the ideal retiree’s life. He’s even taking care of Adrien Broner, who used to be an erstwhile friend, reaching out to the troubled boxer after his recent suicide threats.

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Adrien Broner had a fall out with Floyd Mayweather not too long ago over the former’s antics, which isn’t really unexpected considering his volatile nature. However, since Adrien Broner posted disturbing messages on social media, threatening to kill himself, “Money” has been reportedly brought him to his own home, letting go of past differences.

“Floyd is taking care of Adrien Broner,’s just talk,” a rep said in a report by TMZ.

While the two buddies seem to be having fun, stories of a Conor McGregor fight are starting to regain steam.

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Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather have been calling out each other over the past months, but the story died out in time. Now the rumors have been revived, and this time Dana White seems to show a bit of interest, in contrast to his past stance.

Is Conor McGregor for a Floyd Mayweather next fight possible? Connor McGregor is under contract with the UFC and needs its blessing for it. Does Dana White showing interest signify such?

According to a report from Boxing Scene, Conor McGregor, in an interview with The LAD Bible said, “Floyd is afraid of the fight. Floyd doesn’t want the fight. Floyd Mayweather wants a boxing match- and I’ve already said no problem… get my f***ing money.”

“When you get my money, then we can box in this boxing match- under these set of specific rules that will keep you alive. I’m here. Where’s my money?” Conor McGregor inquired rhetorically, inspiring more rumors of a Floyd Mayweather next fight.

“Because if you keep dropping my name and you have not got the money- then I’m going to show up at your front door. Floyd does not want to fight with no rules. Floyd wants a match under a specific set of rules. I don’t need rules. I am open to whatever he wants. Let’s see what happens. it’s just talking.”

For his part, Floyd Mayweather made it clear that he tried to make the match happen, but that effort failed for some reason.

“What people don’t know is that in my company, I’m the boss, I call the shots. I think the fight is very difficult to make. I mean, I tried to make the fight before and it didn’t happen. But you live and learn.” Floyd Mayweather said.

Will he come out of retirement? Is Conor McGregor still possible for a Floyd Mayweather next fight, or is it all just talk?

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