Floyd Mayweather Update: Money narrows list with Pacquiao, Khan, Golovkin as possible opponents for a comeback

Floyd Mayweather has said time and again that he is not yet keen in getting back inside the ring as a fighter and would want to enjoy his retirement from the sport.

Floyd Mayweather has said time and again that he is not yet keen in getting back inside the ring as a fighter and would want to enjoy his retirement from the sport. However, rumors are escalating that he is just lurking around and looking at possible names that would push him to opt out of his retirement and among the names that have popped includes a rematch with Manny Pacquiao, British fighter Amir Khan and Kazakhstani fighter Gennady Golovkin.

A possible rematch with Philippine boxing icon Manny Pacquiao has been long buzzing the ears of Mayweather and boxing promoter and Top Rank CEO Bob Arum has opened the door for a second meeting of two of the greatest boxers of their time. If Mayweather is looking for a good paycheck then Pacquiao would be a viable choice, however, Pacquiao is currently retired and is busy campaigning for a seat in the Philippine Senate this coming May 9.

If Pacquiao wins a spot in the Senate, it would be impossible for him to take a leave of absence just to train for their supposed rematch. However, Pacquiao might reconsider retirement and politics as he is very eager to avenge his loss, if the fight would really take place.

In an interview with Jim Gray of Showtime television as reported by The National, Mayweather stated that he had talks with both CBS and Showtime and that while he is still enjoying the perks of being in retirement he is not also closing any doors for a possible comeback if the price is right.

“If I came back, of course, it would have to be a nine-figure payday and probably a championship fight and a nine-figure payday,” Mayweather said.

Second in the list for the Money is Amir Khan, who is set to square off against Spanish Saul Canelo Alvarez this Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Talks and rumors have been swelling about a possible clash of the two, but Khan is a bit reluctant about it. The 29-year old British fighter stated that he is tired of Mayweather messing with his around and even taunted the five-weight world champion it his time to pay back the messing.

“Winning this fight [vs. Alvarez] will make me the middleweight world champion. Do I want to fight Floyd Mayweather after how much he’s messed me around? He messed me around a lot so I wouldn’t take that fight. I’d probably treat him the same [way that he treated me],” Khan answered.

With that Gennady Golovkin is also worth the match for Mayweather since the Kazakhstani fighter already announced that he would fight the Money in a heartbeat. He even told TMZ Sports that a rematch with Pacquiao will be a bore and that if Mayweather is looking for a comeback match it would be him.

Golovkin overwhelmed Dominic Wade in their April 23 encounter and if Mayweather opts not to give GGG the fight then Golovkin will be after either Khan or Alvarez. Mayweather has also challenged Golovkin to fight and win over Andre Ward before they discuss the would be supposed fight.

“When you hear stuff about Triple G, like I said before, I told Triple G what he had to do if he wants a fight with me. He’s gotta call out Andre Ward, beat Andre Ward, and then I’ll fight him. I haven’t seen him call out Andre Ward yet,” Mayweather explained.

So many options for Mayweather, who would be enticed to come out of retirement and try to elapse Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record and take win no. 50. But at the end of the day it will boil down to who will give Mayweather a $100 million paycheck would be enticing enough to pull him off retirement as well.

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