Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao 2 depressing, bad for the sport

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Floyd Mayweather next fight Gennady Golovkin
Photo courtesy: Bryan Horowitz/Flickr, Floyd Mayweather vs Gennady Golovkin, Floyd Sr. believes his son will fight again,

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s retirement seems more legit than ever at this point, as the five-weight world champion appears to be more committed to his promotions firm than promoting himself. Will this lay to rest final questions of a possible comeback?

While his Filipino rival Manny Pacquiao had a short-lived retirement, Mayweather seems to be avoiding the idea of returning to the sport, except to help young boxers find success.

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According to a report by the BBC he even shut down the possibility of his fight against UFC’s Conor McGregor saying, “I tried to make the fight happen but we [weren’t] able to, so we must move on.”

“I feel honoured to be the biggest name in MMA and in boxing, and I don’t even compete no more.”

The idea, absurd as it may seem, gained traction over the past few months. Imagine the best of both worlds settling the score in the ring; two of the best self-promoters of both sports means a whole lot of dough will be involved. But that isn’t happening too.

However, Larry Merchant, a long time boxing analyst who first came up with the idea of pitting Manny Pacquiao against Oscar De La Hoya, believes Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather 2 is still a possibility.

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The Fight of the Century may have been a snoozer for most, especially to casual boxing fans, but it was a huge financial success.

According to a report by Boxing Scene Larry Merchant said, “I believe it’s a possibility, that fight was such an amazing event and just as amazing a bust in the ring, that you know that the business people will try to bring it back, because if it does a third of the business it will still be a big event.”

Larry Merchant may be right about this, but he says it depresses him “because it was the anticlimax of the century, and it’s not likely to be any better.”

“I think people in boxing knew that Mayweather, in his calculation of risk and reward, does not tend to go toward risk, and that he was going to try to outbox Manny.”

Given the veracity of his statements, although many would surely come up with opposing opinions, would both fighters be willing to let millions of dollars slide? Is Floyd simply dancing around to avoid touching on the real question regarding Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao 2?

There remains the question surrounding Pacquiao’s injury during their fight. What if he fought 100% healthy? If he beats Jessie Vargas convincingly, and fought Adrien Broner next and knocked him out, couldn’t their individual promoters come up with a new intriguing storyline behind it?

Wouldn’t a clash of their contrasting styles appeal to boxing fans anymore?

Pacquiao is less reticent with his intentions, and that makes Floyd the focal point for the idea to materialize. He seems serious at retirement, but that’s also a trait that makes him such a great fighter in the ring.

You just don’t know what he’ll do next.

Photo courtesy: Bryan Horowitz/Flickr

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