Forget Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor, Manny Pacquiao laughs at idea; Conor punches like a girl

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When the idea of a crossover fight between Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor was first brought up it was widely received as mere talk. Fighters like to do that at times, and nobody really took it seriously.

The notion continues to persist today, and just won’t die down.

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With all his bravado Conor McGregor says he is willing to fight Floyd under boxing rules and beat him in his game. The courageous Irishman just moved up from Featherweight to fight a natural welterweight in Nate Diaz and won in their rematch at UFC 202.

There is no doubt that he can fight. In fact, that’s how many MMA fans base his chances on- his toughness and grit. But can he box?

Floyd Mayweather’s biggest rival Manny Pacquiao laughed at the idea, in a report by SB Nation. He quickly retained composure to impress his respect for their decision, if it happens, but one couldn’t deny the expression of incredulity in his face.

“[Laughs] Well that’s his opinion. He has his own opinion, he can decide his own.”

“I don’t want to make that story big…I want to keep my mouth shut.”

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Freddie Roach, however, who’s training Manny Pacquiao in his fight with Jessie Vargas was more direct, brutal in his frankness that comes out as pure comedy.

When asked of his opinion about Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor the hall of fame trainer called Conor a beginner in boxing.

He reiterated his statement a few months back that it’d probably take him 3 years to train McGregor in boxing… at least, and many analysts believe it’d take more to even consider boxing Floyd who’d be 42 years old by that time.

According to a report by Pundit Arena Freddie Roach said, “He seems like a tough guy and all that but being a tough guy doesn’t really help you in boxing… I mean, he looks like an okay boxer, he’s a very good MMA fighter but the thing is this is boxing and he’s kind of a beginner at boxing.

“It probably would take me almost three years to get him ready for a fight against a guy like Mayweather.”

“He punches like a girl….that’s why he couldn’t hurt the other gu-well, he did knock him down three times.”

Manny Pacquiao likened the crossover challenge by posing a question, how do you fight against a shark in the ocean? How’d a shark fight you in dry land?

Photo courtesy: Bryan Horowitz/Flickr

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