For gay rights, Mosley calls out Pacquiao for a rematch

Shane Mosley wants a rematch with Manny Pacquiao and he will fight in honor of the gay people.

Shane Mosley wants to depict he is a gay rights defender and has called out his former nemesis Manny Pacquiao to a rematch.

TMZ reported that Mosley and his girlfriend were spotted Saturday night in New York City to watch Pacquiao take on Timothy Bradley. Mosley granted an interview and he stated that many celebrities are angry on Pacquiao’s anti-gay slur. Then, with some coaching from his girlfriend, Mosley stated that he would get into the ring one more time with Pacquiao and he will be defending their rights.

“It is a big controversy and a lot of celebrities are pissed at about the statements he made against gay people. Telling that they are worst than animals and even quoting a verse from the Bible..from the Old Testament where they (gay people) should be killed. I’m going to watch the fight and then fight the winner,” Mosley said.

However, Mosley’s girlfriend, who confessed that she has a gay sister, added that if Mosley was to fight Pacquiao it will be in honor of all gay people and for their rights. It would be remembered that Mosley fought Pacquiao back in 2011 for the WBO Welterweight Championship and in that match, Pacquiao knocks Mosley in the third round and eventually won the fight.

However, after the fight SB Nation managed to ask Mosley of thoughts after the Pacquiao-Bradley fight and he still thinks Pacquiao gave a good fight, despite struggling in the opening rounds of the bout.

So calling Pacquiao out for a rematch will just be in the history books for Mosley as the eight-division champ has already stated that he is retiring after winning over Bradley via unanimous decision. For the anti-gay slur, Pacquiao has already stated his apology for comparing people with animals and has asked for an apology to those whom he had hurt with his statement, but he still stands by his principle and will not honor same-sex marriage because of his beliefs.

Photo Courtesy: Dewalt Power Tools Fight Night Club 2010/Flickr

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