Gennady Golovkin next fight versus B-Hop; Canelo Alvarez not ready yet; Bernard Hopkins last fight in 2017

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While Canelo Alvarez is set to fight Liam Smith for the WBO light middleweight title on Saturday, by doing so, most boxing fans feel he’s avoiding the real challenge out there against Gennady Golovkin.

Assuming Alvarez beats Liam Smith, as most expect, will he finally be a Gennady Golovkin next fight? Or will he find another excuse to fight somebody else, just as he did by vacating the WBC middleweight title earlier this year?

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Canelo insists he will be ready, and that GGG needs to worry about it.

According to a report by the Daily Mail Canelo Alvarez said, “I’m not worried at all about going to 160lb. I’m a strong fighter, I’m a fighter who can adapt to my surroundings.”

“I can’t tell you now what I will be like at 160 as I don’t know yet. We will see in a couple more fights in how I feel and look. We will see what comes.”

A couple more fights?

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If boxing fans get treated to another dreary cycle of excuses it seems that Bernard Hopkins, who plans to fight one last time in 2017, would be more than willing to fight Gennady Golovkin.

In a report from Boxing Scene, B-Hop said he’d beat GGG if they fought by neutralizing him like a matador to a bull.

“Yes, I would beat him. You know why I would beat a guy like Triple G? I would come in there with a matador suit on versus a bull. You would see a matador, which is me, versus a big, strong bull that, at any second, could wipe me out.”

“I would be the matador versus the bull. That’s how I would promote that fight and that’s what the title would be. I would neutralize, I would be a ballet dancer in that ring. You can’t hit what you can’t see.”

Will GGG be best suited for a Bernard Hopkins last fight in case Canelo Alvarez bolts out again?

Bernard Hopkins holds the record for the oldest fighter to ever win at the age of 49. Both fighters have tried to arrange a bout in the past with a catch weight of 168 lbs. but failed to come to terms.

Photo courtesy: Gennady Golovkin/Facebook

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