Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Miguel Cotto could still happen, but no more Manny Pacquiao rematch

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Juan Manuel Marquez vs Miguel Cotto
Juan Manuel Marquez vs Miguel Cotto, Manny Pacquiao

Mexican four-weight world champion Juan Manuel Marquez is best known for his battles with Manny Pacquiao. Since they first fought in 2004, their rematches have been drama-filled, up until it ended with the Filipino silenced on the floor.

Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Manny Pacquiao 4 was back in 2012. The Mexican champion has only fought twice since then. He last fought Mike Alvarado on May 2014. There have been attempts at making a comeback, but JMM broke camp.

Manny Pacquiao is still active and his team has been longing for a rematch to no avail. Asked as to why he hasn’t allowed a fifth fight to take place, Juan Manuel Marquez said:

“I can only say that it was divine justice. Everyone saw the previous fights, and in the end I won in the most clear and forceful way,” JMM said in a report by ABSCBN. “It was no longer required.”

Contrary to some claims that Juan Manuel Marquez is scared to give Pac-Man a rematch he might lose, JMM said that he would have given his rival a chance had the result of the fourth match been controversial. “But there was no doubt (about the ending). When I saw Manny lying on the canvas, I said, ‘Now try to steal it from me if you can.’ ”

Juan Manuel Marquez vs Miguel Cotto

JMM has not officially retired. Although he hasn’t fought since beating Alvarado, the reason for his long absence was an injury to his knee. Also, there are rumors that American TV Networks aren’t interested in covering a return fight.

“On the contrary, he’s one of the stars of boxing. Juan is one of those fighters who receive the better television numbers. [Getting on American TV] is no problem,” trainer Nacho Beristain told BoxingScene.

There were negotiations for Juan Manuel Marquez to face Miguel Cotto, but that ended last year. The main issues were about both fighters’ weight stipulations. JMM wouldn’t fight beyond 147lbs, while Miguel Cotto wanted it at a 155lb catchweight.

JMM announced that he was entering camp on Jan.17, and that he is excited to fight once again. Miguel Cotto acknowledges that their match up can still be a reality.

“The cards are on the table. The fight with Juan Manuel is very viable, a fight that can become a reality, a fight that can happen. What’s left to do is reach an agreement. We have to sit at the same table and reach an agreement as to the points of the fight,” Miguel Cotto said in a report by It would be a battle between two of the best Latino fighters in recent years, and quite possibly a remarkable ending to their careers regardless of who wins.

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