Khan : Drawing inspiration from Sugar Ray Leonard for his fight with Alvarez

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Heading into his May 7 fight with WBC middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez, British boxer Amir Khan knows he is the big underdog.

The Bolton fighter is brimming with confidence going into his title fight with Alvarez. He has been packing the weight in training as he moves up to middleweight. Most critics and boxing pundits seems to have written him off.

In an article publlshed in Skysports, Ami Khan, with a record of 31-3-19, believes that beating Canelo Alvarez and winning the title will be his greatest achievement. Amir Khan will move two weights up as he aims to become world champion again. Despite reaching the height of his career both as an amateur and professional, he believes that a win over the 46-1-1-32 Alvarez will outshine everything.

“Even though I achieved a lot in my amateur days and went to the Olympics and also as a professional becoming a two-weight champion. I still think winning this fight against such a big name as Canelo and becoming the middleweight champion, will be bigger than anything I have done.”

Against Alvarez, Khan is hoping to follow the footsteps of the legendary five-weight champion Sugar Ray Leonard against Marvin Hagler in 1987. Leonard moved up from welterweight to middleweight to snatch the WBC world title from Hagler.

“He was in a very similar position to me where people were saying that he was going to get beaten up, get knocked out, and get hurt. He was going up two divisions and he went in there and beat Hagler” explained Khan.

I know it can happen because we’ve seen it happen in the past, when Sugar Ray Leonard took on Marvin Hagler” added Khan.

Meanwhile, newly crowned WBC welterweight champion Danny Garcia believes that Khan has the perfect style to beat Canelo Alvarez. He was linked to a possible rematch with Khan but the latter opted to fight Alvarez instead.

“If you’re talking talent, I think Khan definitely has more talent than Canelo but can he withstand Canelo’s power, can he survive the later rounds?”

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