Lennox Lewis claims Tyson Fury would beat Anthony Joshua

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The last undisputed world heavyweight champion, Lennox Lewis, believes that Tyson Fury would defeat Anthony Joshua in a match. Lewis is a retired boxer who last fought in 2003.

According to Mike Costello of BBC, Lewis claims that Fury would beat Joshua if they are pitted together in a heavyweight bout right now.

“I think Tyson Fury would win at the moment, maybe Anthony Joshua needs a few more fights before making that step,” Lennox said.

Lewis added that Fury is the number one heavyweight right now. This happened because Tyson was able to beat the former champion, Wladimir Klitschko.

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Klitschko is a legendary boxer from Ukraine. The Ukrainian has been considered one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. He is also undefeated for 10 years before recently beaten by Fury.

However, Lennox mentioned that Joshua is closing the gap on Fury.

“It is very close and maybe Anthony Joshua needs a few more fights before making that step but he’s definitely not that far away,” Lewis proclaimed.

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Moreover, Lennox believes that Anthony has a bright future as he has knocked out opponents matched against him.

Just like Fury, Joshua also came from Great Britain. Tyson has a professional record of 25 wins with no losses. Anthony, meanwhile, has 17 wins that all came from knockouts with also no defeats.

Fury is scheduled to have a rematch with Klitschko on October. But Joshua still does not have an upcoming fight yet.

If ever the two British fights one another, it may turn out to be a really tough and competitive bout. This is also a battle of two undefeated British heavyweights that are dominant in their division.

Photo courtesy: Lennox Lewis/Facebook

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