Manny Pacquiao news: Pacman visited by ‘apostle’ Bob Dylan; Justin Fortune says cramps not a problem vs Jessie Vargas

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Manny Pacquiao news
Manny Pacquiao news, Bob Dylan, Jessie Vargas, Justin Fortune

Manny Pacquiao looks in veritable fighting form, not just for a 37-year-old, but for a boxer nearing top shape. While training for Jessie Vargas in Manila under coach Freddie Roach he’s sparred a good eight rounds with 2 sparring partners that includes the undefeated Jose Ramirez. He is willing and able to spar much more.

Manny Pacquiao news of the legendary pug’s speed is starting to show once again that amazes his audience, and perhaps more importantly, his foot speed and movement gets the Pacman to romp around the ring, throwing punches in bunches most of the time.

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His routine in training hasn’t appeared to change at all from his heydays in boxing, where he mostly trained at the Wild Card Gym.

One of those days are evoked, as another storied figure, Bob Dylan, won the Noble Prize in literature yesterday (October 13th). Bob Dylan visited the prizefighter 2 years ago to watch Manny Pacquiao train a Bradley rematch at the Wild Card Gym.

“…But, my God, it was Bob Dylan. It was like seeing one of the apostles.” Fred Sternburg said in a report by Rolling Stone.”

“He stayed for an hour and sat on a bench that you’d use to lift weights.”

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Manny Pacquiao news of his ongoing training never fails to bring back a memory or two, as he continues to show his killer work ethic, with familiar faces backing him up. Will he be able to turn back the clock for his fight against Jessie Vargas?

Conditioning coach Justin Fortune believes there’s nothing to worry about, referring to some Manny Pacquiao news of leg cramps. “It’s not an injury.” Fortune said in a report by the Manila Times.

“He (Manny) really needs to drink a lot of water and needs to increase potassium and magnesium intake. It (cramps) is not serious and that’s not an injury. I’m not worried.”

It’s not clear, and Justin Fortune did not elaborate on what’s causing his leg cramps. It’s not the first time he’s experienced this in a fight, that’s apparently affected his performance, slowing down his attacks.

“What important is he knows already what he did wrong and it happened today, not in the fight,” Justin Fortune added.

Are these symptoms of a fighter’s aging body? While not considered an injury, is it a sign of physical decline?

This Manny Pacquiao news reminds us of times gone by, that makes us appreciate him more while he still fights.

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