Manny Pacquiao next fight is depression; Alike Frank Bruno, Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya

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Manny Pacquiao next fight is depression?
Photo courtesy: Rcelis/Pixabay, Frank Bruno, Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya

Rumors continue to swirl around Manny Pacquiao on his return to boxing, but there’s nothing new yet. He’s been followed by all sorts of controversies prior to his retirement, and now stories of financial woes resurface as he is scheduled to fight Jessie Vargas in November.

None of these rumors have ever been proven, and yet they continue to persist as if riding on a hope that it will all turn out to be true someday.

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Prior to the Rio 2016 Olympics, Manny Pacquiao assured Philippine boxers of a P5 million reward for each gold medal won, and gave an undisclosed cash incentive to female weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz. And yet rumors continue to broach the idea that the eight-division champion is broke.

He was honest enough to say that he’s fighting for financial reasons, but who isn’t in one way or another? If “Pacman” is really broke, was his act donating merely for show? If so, it doesn’t make any sense to break the truth about fighting for money afterward anyway.

Manny Pacquiao has helped countless lives in the Philippines. He’s built hospitals, runs his own foundation, and donates millions to typhoon victims and the poor in general. If this proves anything at all, it’s that Manny Pacquiao is an affluent man, and that he loves to fight for his family and country.

And yet rumors of financial woes persist unfairly.

With all he has done for his country, would Manny Pacquiao net worth even matter?

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Manny Pacquiao next fight with Jessie Vargas won’t be on HBO, but he’s happy anyway. Perhaps the true reason for his comeback lies in a report by Bad Left Hook.

“I missed boxing, I grew up in boxing. I felt lonely when I stopped boxing. Boxing is my passion,” Pacquiao said.

For many boxers, quitting the sport leads to depressive tendencies. Perhaps boxing is Manny Pacquiao’s way of celebrating his life, finding happiness at what he does best, in which he’s still very able to fulfill.

It’s not uncommon for fighters to battle depression after retirement, with the idea that their value as individuals is tied to their achievements, such as the cases of Frank Bruno, Ricky Hatton and Oscar De La Hoya.

To say that the absence of boxing makes him lonely rings a bell boxing fans know all too well.

Is it really money he’s fighting for, or an inner happiness that can only be reached by a sport that mirrors life like no other?

He may have 2 to 3 fights left in him, and if he wills it, it’d be great to watch him against fighters like Terence Crawford at 140 lbs, or Danny Garcia, Thurman, and eventually prove himself once more in Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather 2.

Although Floyd Mayweather is already retired, he’s made it known that the right amount of money would make him reconsider a return.

No fighter out there could bring as much money to the table as the defensive genius Floyd Mayweather can.

Manny Pacquiao vs. Jessie Vargas will be joined by Nonito Donaire vs. Jessie Magdaleno as the co-main event.

This will be the first time that Manny Pacquiao and Nonito Donaire will be together on the same card.

Photo courtesy: Rcelis/Pixabay

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