Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather rematch via Terence Crawford or Adrien Broner prepped

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Manny Pacquiao next fight, Juan Manuel Marquez vs Manny Pacquiao
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Whatever reason Manny Pacquiao may have for returning to the sport of boxing, be it for financial reasons to support people close to him, fostering of the success of his charities, or the pursuit of a championship title to solidify his boxing greatness, it’s easy to gleam from watching him train that he simply loves what he does.

Pacman’s fight against Jessie Vargas has not received the support of HBO, and many fans perceive this match up with less enthusiasm, but Manny Pacquiao continues to train with the same focus and passion he’s known for.

Despite his senatorial duties, and extracurricular responsibilities Pacman continues to train like a young fighter.

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According to a report by Rappler Manny Pacquiao said, “I don’t feel 37 or 38 now. I feel young. My body is still young and I can still do what I did in the past 10 years. I can discipline myself. It all depends on how you discipline yourself both as a public servant and as a boxer.”

Many see the Vargas fight as a step closer toward a Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather rematch, and while Floyd has been sly about his responses, Pacquiao has been open about his desire.

Is the Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather rematch up next assuming he beats Jessie Vargas?

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For that to materialize, first, Pacman needs to convince his audience by knocking out Vargas. He needs to show that the Manny of old is back, and deserving of a shot against the retired defensive genius.

To make his case stronger he may need to fight Adrien Broner, whose boxing style is similar to “Money May”, or better yet, beat the undefeated Terence Crawford who’s looked upon as the next Floyd Mayweather.

“I just have to make sure that this is going to work first. If this doesn’t work, then we’re going to have to make some adjustments and change things a little bit,” Freddie Roach said in a report by Phil Star. “But if it does work, then we can fight anybody.”

When Manny Pacquiao fought Floyd Mayweather last year he was clearly outboxed, and fans feel they were willfully deceived by not being informed beforehand of his shoulder injury.

A strong interest in a Floyd Mayweather fight needs to be cultivated anew, and a knockout or a convincing win against rising star Terence Crawford may well be the best way to the boxing fans’ heart.

Photo Courtesy: Rcelis/Pixabay

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