Manny Pacquiao vs Jeff Horn: Ali Funeka believes Horn will shock Pacman

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Manny Pacquiao vs Jeff Horn, Ali Funeka
Manny Pacquiao vs Jeff Horn, Ali Funeka

Since Manny Pacquiao briefly retired from boxing, he seems to be headed into an active career. If one follows Pacman’s promoter Bob Arum, it looks like he’ll be fighting not only a number of times in a year, but also beyond 2017.

Bob Arum has initially laid plans for Manny Pacquiao to tour around the world while making fights ala Muhammad Ali. According to a report by BoxingScene, he could be fighting in Australia, Dubai and even in Russia. This would be taking full advantage of Pacman’s crossover celebrity status, and Arum believes somehow this could help him in his political career.

But all these reports have been shot down by Manny Pacquiao himself. For not only could it incite more criticisms with regards to his political responsibilities, it would practically raise questions as toward his priorities.

Manny Pacquiao won’t fight 4 times a year

“I’m not a robot. I’m human. To fight twice a year is hard for me, how much if I fight 4 times a year? It’s gonna be impossible,” Pacman told Rappler. His Canadian adviser Michael Koncz echoed his sentiments stating that the most they’ll fight is twice in a year.

“At this stage in Manny’s career, we don’t have a whole big list to pick from. [Floyd Mayweather Jr] is happily retired so we wish him the best of luck. We’ll just worry about this fight and then worry about the next one when November comes,” Koncz added.

Jeff Horn can shock Pacman

The fight that Team Pacquiao is focusing on is against Australian Jeff Horn. Jeff who? One might ask. Even Manny Pacquiao has not met him personally, nor has he seen him fight.

But for those who know Jeff Horn better, some actually believe he stands a chance to beat the Filipino legend. One of those who likes his chances is South African veteran boxer Ali Funeka.

Ali Funeka fought and lost to Jeff Horn on December by TKO on the sixth round. He thinks discounting Horn’s capabilities could spell doom for Manny Pacquiao.

“I had watched his video footage and I was confident that (Horn) would not be a problem,” Ali Funeka a report by “But wait until you get into the ring with him and you will be surprised how awkward he is. He complements his unconventional style with power as he tends to swivel all his body when throwing a right hand to generate all the power to it.”

He sounds like he’s describing Manny Pacquiao when speaking of Jeff Horn. Pacman is known for his awkward style too, and power behind that cross.

“Pacquiao should leave nothing to chance when preparing for Horn otherwise he will get the shock of his life like I did. That guy is not pretty to watch but he does what he does successfully,’’ Ali Funeka added.

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