Marcos Maidana: boxing career ended by Floyd Mayweather?

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Photo courtesy: NahuelManocchio/Wikimedia commons
Marcos Maiden retires at the age of 33, Did Floyd Mayweather retire Marcos Maidana?

Marcos Maidana is widely known for his punching power. In the span of his 10-year career with a record of 35-5, he has knocked out 31 of his opponents. His popularity peaked when he fought Floyd Mayweather Jr. twice in 2014, but those turned out to be his last bouts.

Despite the back-to-back losses, Marcos Maidana was well in his way to follow up his career for having fought the best boxer in the world. His match with Floyd Mayweather turned up his profile, especially after giving Floyd much trouble in their first fight.

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Maidana lost by Unanimous Decision, but his performance made their first match an exciting one to the fans, who’ve witnessed the infamous “Money May” bloodied by the juggernaut Argentine.

Apparently, it was enough to warrant a rematch and despite the successive losses to Floyd Mayweather, Marcos Maidana was winning leaps and bounds financially.

Apart from his $1.5 million guaranteed purse money in their first fight, he also earned shares and royalties from Argentine television rights.

His purse money was doubled during their quick rematch just four months after, plus an extra $1.5 million was given for adhering to Floyd’s last minute request in regards to what type of gloves to wear.

Could it be that Floyd Mayweather, who has not knocked out an opponent since Victor Ortiz in 2011, had retired Maidana by filling up his pockets?

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According to a report by SkySports, Marcos Maidana said in his retirement statement, “Today I do not feel motivated enough, do not have the fire inside me to intend to climb those mountains again. That is why I announce my retirement.”

Forget climbing mountains, he hasn’t fought or at least shown any interest to climb the ring at all since he faced the undefeated American.

Added to his absence in the ring, his physical condition and lifestyle has worried his fans after he was spotted to have grown in what must have been of heavyweight levels, as reported by BoxingScene.

“Probably my decision would not surprise much as I had given hints of it in the last few months. But at this time I am making it official.” Marcos Maidana said.

“Only through a great physical and mental effort can you mix in the ring with the best of the world if winning is your goal. And I always wanted to win.”

Those efforts were extinguished, unfortunately, losing his drive at the height of his career and an upgraded pay scale.

Photo courtesy: Nahuel Manocchio/Wikimedia commons

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