Muhammad Ali Jr.’s inheritance may end up spent on drugs, bad elements

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Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Knowle West Media Centre

Muhammad Ali Jr. has been cut off from his family for years. Although he says he has nobody else to blame for his poor living conditions, he still accuses his legendary father’s wife Lonnie Williams of marrying him for his money, and their subsequent estranged relationship.

“I blame myself the most, I didn’t listen to things when I really needed to do, didn’t do those certain things, now I’m hurting for it, it’s my own doing. But if my father had all the faculties, then he’d be right by side and give me whatever I need.” the younger Ali said.

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On Lonnie, he says “That woman can’t love her own soul, so how can she love anyone herself? She was jealous of our relationships, and the fact she couldn’t have any children. She’s very bitter. Her mother pushed Lonnie onto my father, her mother used to be with my mother’s father for a long time, it was her long time ambition to be Mrs Ali.”

Kiiursti Mensah-Ali, who also claims to be Muhammad Ali’s biological daughter with Barbara Mensah, shared the same sentiments when she said her father’s support, was halted by Lonnie Williams, and that she pleaded just to mourn during is dad’s funeral.

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For years now, Muhammad Ali Jr. has been living with his wife and two children off handouts and food stamps. He’s been picked on for being the son of a great boxer, living in a real tough neighborhood, where he says shooting is a regular thing.

He says he’s had problems paying the bills and may be kicked out anytime, until reports say he’s received a part of his share of the $80 million inheritance money to be subdivided among his siblings.

The Daily Mail reports Muhammad Ali has “dumped” his wife and children to move to California; friends of the family fear that his share of the inheritance could end up spent in drugs, shaken off him by mobsters, as he’s been in debt for sometime due to his drug addiction.

Sources say, “Everyone wants to be his friend, trying to give him something, want him to be in debt, want to play buddy,” and that “There are girls throwing themselves at his feet.”

Friends of Muhammad Ali’s family hope that Ali Jr. would eventually straighten up his life, start a business.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Knowle West Media Centre

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