Nicholas Walters still worth rooting for after quitting against Vasyl Lomachenko; Hi-Tech rekindles our love for boxing

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Vasyl Lomachenko vs Orlando Salido, Jezreel Corrales
Photo courtesy: Vasyl Lomchenko/Facebook, Vasyl Lomachenko vs Orlando Salido, Jezreel Corrales

Jeremy Lin remains sidelined due to a hamstring injury. The Asian-American guard will miss his 13th straight game when the Brooklyn Nets face the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday night at Barclays Center.

The Nets are 3-9 since Jeremy Lin suffered a hamstring injury on Nov. 02. According to CBS Sports, Lin will not play in the Nets’ upcoming game against the Bucks. The Nets initially put Jeremy Lin on a two-week recovery timetable. However, recent reports revealed that he has no specific timetable for return.

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As of now, Isaiah Whitehead served as the Nets starting point guard while Randy Foye and rookie Yogi Ferrell grabbed the backup role. However, none of them could fill the void left by Jeremy Lin. The Asian-American guard proves to be a great leader on and off the court.

Nicholas Walters showed by knocking out Nonito Donaire that he has the ability to cope against technically sound boxers. It taught us that while speed kills, raw power and durability could still dispel its magic. But Vasyl Lomachenko reminds us why we love the sport of boxing in the first place.

When Vasyl Lomachenko faced Nicholas Walters on Nov. 26th as a junior lightweight, his second bout in the heavier division, he reminded boxing fans how the sport has captured our passion for the fight game for years.

Not only was his hand speeding too much for Nicholas Walters to handle, but also his foot speed and the variety of punches he threw at different paces and levels obscured Walter’s ability to control the game from start to finish.

And it was a terrible finish, reminiscent of Roberto Duran vs Sugar Ray Leonard’s “No mas.”

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When fighters refuse to fight, they not only neglect who they are but betray their following. Engineers build; writers write, fighters are supposed to battle it out.

Nicholas Walters quits

“Listen to me, if I get the chance to fight two or three fights leading up to this fight, I’ll definitely take him on in different circumstances where we are more active and definitely beat him but it was all him tonight. You know, he fought me with three fights this year. So it was all him tonight.” Nicholas Walters tells Bad Left Hook.

“Everything favored him tonight, and he comes in as a champion and everything favored him…Nothing takes away from him, he’s a very good fighter, I learned a lot from fighting him and it was seven rounds of beautiful boxing until my corner decided to [end it].”

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Granted that Walters was not in the best position to win, other boxers have been in worse conditions but never quit.

Nicholas Walters’ credibility in question

Roy Jones expresses how this decision could put a question mark on Walter’s credibility moving forward.

“He does lose a lot of credibility by quitting, but people are not listening to what he’s saying, and boxing is such a bad sport in this matter because certain people can get in certain situations if they are certain people in the ring.” Roy Jones tells Boxing Scene.

“This boy ain’t fought in 342 days and you put him the biggest fight of his life. And he’s crazy because at first, he said it won’t bother him, but you can’t say that it won’t bother you, but then use it as an excuse when it does happen. But I thought that was a problem when the fight was made.”

“He didn’t look rusty, but he just couldn’t land his punches at all because he hasn’t been there with a guy who’s as high tech as Vasyl Lomachenko. Not all the blame is on him, but when he said that his year layoff wasn’t going to be a problem – then you took that excuse out the book. That’s the only thing I don’t like.”

Nicholas Walters needs more fights, but why put your money on a boxer who won’t fight as hard as you have for your money?

Photo courtesy: Vasyl Lomchenko/Facebook

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