Paul Spadafora may have ‘beaten’ Floyd Mayweather, but loses outside the ring

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Paul Spadafora, Floyd Mayweather
Paul Spadafora charged of assault, Floyd Mayweather sparring

Paul Spadafora jumped into the professional boxing scene with a successful amateur career on his back. Known as the “Pittsburgh Kid,” he stepped up with a 75-5 amateur record and went on to become the IBF lightweight champion of the world.

Paul Spadafora accumulated a glitzy record of 49-1-1 in a career that started back in 1995. Unfortunately, he had to vacate his world title in 2003 to serve a prison sentence for shooting Nadine Russo, the mother of his child.

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It’s safe to say that Paul Spadafora may have won more world titles had he not failed himself outside the ring. While he was a winner within the squared circle, outside of it was a series of run-ins with the law, and frequent problems with drugs and heavy drinking.

Paul Spadafora stabbing incident

On Wednesday, authorities submitted a report alleging the former champ of stabbing his brother after an argument at their home, and assaulting his mother. Paul Spadafora, as is usually the case, was drunk and combative.

According to a report by People, “He was handcuffed and told to stand up, which he refused. Once on his feet, Spadafora lunged at an officer, attempting to knock him down the stairs. Spadafora was carried by officers down the stairs of the residence and seated at the end of the driveway. He attempted to spit on one officer and then spit on the chest of another officer before paramedics put a spit mask on him.”

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His brother Charles Marsico mentioned Paul needed help. He not only threatened them but their neighbors and the police as well.

Authorities charged Paul Spadafora with aggravated assault, terroristic threats, simple assault and aggravated harassment by a prisoner.

“This time of year is always very emotional for families and family members, and we will patiently await to give further comment after the arraignment but before the preliminary hearing,” Paul’s lawyer said in a report by ESPN.

Paul Spadafora vs. Floyd Mayweather

Boxing fans famously remember Paul Spadafora for his sparring with Floyd Mayweather. A video uploaded shows both boxers sparring for six rounds where Paul gives Floyd Mayweather an “@ss whoopin.”

Some refer to it as the blueprint to beating the legendary Floyd Mayweather.

Spadafora’s coach Jesse Reid allegedly set up a sparring schedule and, knowing they’d beat Floyd Mayweather, video taped the whole episode.

“…’I’m going to tape this because I know you’re going to do well.’ So I did and that’s why Floyd Mayweather don’t let anybody tape him anymore. That’s why he’s in top shape for every fight. I think we taught him a good lesson because we really did handle him.” Reid said in a report by FightHype.

“I mean, the first two rounds were you take one, or I’ll take the other, but after that, Paul just handled him like he owned him. And he was inside with him, inside close, talking to Floyd Mayweather because he was doing so much bragging, he says, ‘Hey, that nose is bleeding and that eye looks like it’s swelling up,’ and he kept cracking him. Finally, the fourth round, Mayweather comes to me and asks me if he could get out of the ring because he says he’s tired. I says, ‘You ain’t getting out of the ring. You’re getting your ass kicked today to teach you for all the big mouth you had, and your father.’”

Video Courtesy: Youtube/Artorias Boxing

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