Ricky Hatton news: Boxing champ to drug addict to hero; Mike Towell fundraiser breaks target; offers to help Tyson Fury

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Ricky Hatton news
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Ricky Hatton doesn’t refer to as the “Hitman” for nothing. With a record of 45-3 with 32 knockouts, losing only to two of the very best fighters the sport had to offer at the time (Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao) and to former WBA welterweight champion Vyacheslav Senchenko.

Unfortunately, Ricky Hatton ended his career on a low note, even plunging down the depths of a drug scandal after he was caught on video snorting cocaine, and reports of his life spiraling following a struggle with depression.

Apart from the Ricky Hatton news of drug abuse, doctors came out saying they were more concerned with his problem with alcohol.

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But the same sport that gave him his fame and fortune has helped him back on his feet, as he keeps busy as a boxing trainer and promoter.

So when he first heard of Tyson Fury ‘s problems with substance abuse, Ricky Hatton was among the first to attempt to come to his aid.

In a report by The Sun, the Hitman said, “I hope he really is getting the help he needs because you cannot do it on your own.”

Triggered by the Tyson Fury fiasco, he added, “What would happen to me was that I would drink myself into a coma and then use drugs so that I could drink some more.”

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From being a two-weight world champion, Ricky Hatton had seen himself fighting a tougher opponent that could knock him out cold for good. But not only has he been building champions through his gym and Hatton promotions, but he’s also set up a foundation for boxer Mike Towell who died after his match against Dale Evans.

According to a report by the Daily Record the Hitman set up the fundraiser for the boxer’s family, put £5000 of his own money, and it has now exceeded the £20000 initial target in a single day.

Seeing beyond the death of Mike Towell, Ricky Hatton believes boxing, as a sport, must move forward.

“We’re in a sport where you get punched in the head, you know?”

Anything can happen to anyone, anywhere. It’s nobody’s fault. Mike Towell ‘s death sparked cries that boxing should be banned once and for all, something Ricky Hatton news does not intend to happen.

“It is obviously a scary thing to happen to anybody. But you have freak incidents in every sport, not just boxing. When anything happens in boxing, I think people tend to point it out. They say it is a brutal sport, it shouldn’t be allowed” Hatton said in a report by the Daily Mail.

“Every sport has its freak accidents.”

“When it happens, it’s a tragedy. But life goes on, boxing goes on. And, when things do go wrong, we try to look after each other.”

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