Tommy Morrison son Trey Lippe Morrison & boxing in the family

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Tommy Morrison son Trey Lippe Morrison
Photo courtesy: Trey Lippe Morrison/Facebook, Tommy Morrison son, Trey Lippe Morrison, Kenzie Morrison

For a many great boxers of the past, the sport came to their lives as a way out of trouble, or economic hardships. But for Tommy Morrison son, Trey Lippe Morrison, he simply wanted to maintain an athletic life after an injury that ended his football aspirations.

It was never within the scope of his goals, but somehow it was boxing that chose him. And like a many great boxers in history, he, later on, realized that he had the knack for it, as if things simply fell into place, paving the way for him to follow a fateful path.

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According to a report by Boxing Junkie Trey Lippe’s coach Freddie Roach said, “He inherited his father’s punch. He’s a big puncher. He’s learned how to box and is getting better every day. I like the way he’s progressing. He holds his own with some of the veteran guys here at the gym and is doing very well.”

Trey Lippe Morrison (11-0, 11 KOs) not only found out he’s got his father’s power, but he might also develop his left hook just like Tommy Morrison, who was a WBO & IBC heavyweight champion.

“My last fight I hurt my hand, so I really think that was a blessing, instead of a major drawback. Because while I hurt my hand, I really developed skill with my left hand and my left hook and all of my punches with my left hand. I’m just looking to showcase that.” Trey Lippe Morrison said in a report by Boxing Scene.

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He will be fighting Ed Latimore (13-0) on Friday, who will be his toughest test to date. To help him develop his dimensions, Trey Lippe Morrison spars a lot with another family member, Kenzie Morrison, who describes him as a “banger” and an inside fighter with power in his hands.

“Yeah, it’s been interesting sparring with Trey as he hits like a mule, man.” Kenzie Morrison said.

Trey Lippe Morrison said he loves his father and wishes he had spent more time with him. He wants to win two heavyweight titles like his dad too someday, and although that may take the time to accomplish he’s been working real hard, and rarely takes a break in between bouts.

On the Morrison brothers’ shared goals, Kenzie Morrison said, “having the famous dad we have always means we are talked about in the same breath as a world champion, so it would be a dream come true for one of us to make it there one day and that’s the dream we are both chasing.”

Photo courtesy: Trey Lippe Morrison/Facebook

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