Trey Lippe Morrison destroys Ed Latimore; Tommy Morrison son inches closer to dad’s fame with Freddie Roach

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Tommy Morrison son Trey Lippe Morrison
Photo courtesy: Trey Lippe Morrison/Facebook, Tommy Morrison son, Trey Lippe Morrison, Kenzie Morrison

Seriously undertaking college football, Trey Lippe Morrison never saw himself being a boxer, much less a world champion. But an injury led him to the sport his father, Tommy Morrison excelled in as a WBO heavyweight world champion.

Trey Lippe Morrison started to learn boxing just as when his father died. He’s beginning to realize that he has indeed inherited his father’s punch, as his coach Freddie Roach have said, and today he overpowered his toughest opponent yet in Ed Latimore who’s now 13-1.

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According to a report by USA Today Tommy Morrison son Trey Lippe toppled his previously undefeated foe by knocking him down three times in the first round, which prompted the referee to stop the bout at 2:19 into the match.

Prior to the match, Trey Lippe Morrison had been working hard on his left hand after sustaining an injury.

Being a natural competitor, he took it as a blessing, forged on, and made it an opportunity for him to work on his left hand. He hoped to emulate his father’s vaunted left hook, while he says Freddie Roach helps with the confidence building, and boxing basics, saying, “There are so many things we work on: ring generalship, footwork, things to look for, stuff to avoid.”

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Freddie Roach has high praises for Tommy Morrison son that he even admitted to gaining permission from his favorite ward Manny Pacquiao to extend his stay for Trey Lippe Morrison’s fight, as reported by World Boxing News.

Trey Lippe Morrison openly said he wanted to showcase how his left hand has developed, and Ed Latimore must have been overly cautious of it that he got tricked into his right hand. He’s also proven in his TV debut that he is a good body puncher, a “banger” as described by his brother and sparring partner Kenzie Morrison.

His record has now improved to 12-0 with 12 knockouts. 8 of his KOs come from the first round.

Photo courtesy: Trey Lippe Morrison/Facebook

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