Tyson Fury taunts Wladimir Klitschko: ‘you are defeated by a man as fat as pig’

The war of words continued for Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko after Fury threw an embarrassing remark to Klitschko saying that he was defeated by a ‘fat man’.

During a press conference, Fury removed his shirt showing his fat body in front of the reporters and said to Klitschko that he should be ashamed being a defeated by a man who had such a body and didn’t take boxing seriously.

The people in the conference burst out in laughter but Klitschko didn’t say anything.

“It is a disgrace to call me an athlete, you can’t call me an athlete,” said Fury via International Business Times, who has only recently returned to training ahead of his competitive return. “Absolutely not. Shame on you, shame on you. My body relieved you of all your belts and I don’t take boxing seriously.”

“I don’t care about boxing, it is mainly about making a few quid and that’s it. If that is all a professional can do then god help us all. What is the point practicing for 40 years if you can’t beat a fat man? Can I fight? Yes. Does it matter what a pit bull looks like? Does it f**k. Fat as a pig, 30 stone and I could beat you here and now.”

Tyson Fury also said that he will be fighting in America after his rematch with Klitschko because he was not receiving the respect he deserved as a champion in Britain.

Based on a previous report, Fury defeated Klitschko via unanimous decision at the ESPRIT Arena in Dusseldorf to end Klitschko’s reign for 10 years as the world’s number one heavyweight boxer. This gave Fury the WBO, IBF and WBA belts, but was stripped of the IBF belt after choosing not to make a mandatory defense.

Fury was reportedly suffered a back injury but confirmed that he will be ready as soon as the rematch was scheduled.

In an interview after the press conference, Klitschko expressed his disappointment over the opponent’s behavior and added that he will knock him out on their rematch on July 9.

Photo courtesy: @NextBigFight/Twitter

Video courtesy: Youtube/iFL TV

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