UFC News: Boxing trainer Teddy Atlas says Conor McGregor has no chance if he fights Floyd Mayweather


Boxing trainer and boxing commentator Teddy Atlas stated that UFC champion Conor McGregor does not stand a chance in beating Floyd Mayweather if the two decides to go on with their supposed “super fight” which is said to be staged late this year, either in September or on New Year’s Eve at the T-Mobile Arena of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Atlas handed a hand-written note in his take on the “dream match” to Sports Center and stated that McGregor has no chance in traditional boxing against Mayweather, he even stated that it would take five years for McGregor to get into the level where Mayweather is right now. He also narrated that he would train McGregor to go on a counter rather that aggressive stance if they were supposed to meet inside the ring.

“He has no chance in a traditional boxing match. His only chance would be with MMA rules, where he could try to bring Floyd to the mat where he could, of course, easily be the victor. He would need about five years — and I’m being very generous and conservative — of boxing training and experience to even entertain the thought of being competitive with any A-plus-level boxer,” Atlas explains.

“I would have [him] try and get Floyd to come forward. Teach [McGregor] how to step back and counter, hoping to get Floyd to perhaps be so overconfident that he might be drawn into a trick punch. In other words, a sneak punch.”

Atlas further said that he would train McGregor to do misdirection plays to land a solid punch on Mayweather like what Shane Mosley did back in 2010 wherein he faked a jab to Floyd’s body and instead threw a right hand up top.

He adds that McGregor must first and foremost experience what it is like to fight in a boxing ring. He described that he would bring McGregor to a boxing gym train him and then pays a pro fighter to slug it out with him inside the ring with real judges, ambulance on standby and referee to call out the fight. He stated that McGregor must be conditioned in the right way before he ever thinks of taking on Mayweather.

Rumors of the supposed “dream fight” has not stopped since Mayweather admitted that he started the whole rumor and that he is optimistic that McGregor will respond with the right answer to book said fight.

Mayweather event proposed to pay McGregor $50 million for the fight to happen. In return, McGregor replied that he would kill Mayweather in less than 30 seconds if ever the super fight was to be staged.

The rumored dream fight has also captured the imagination of some fight fans like Sylvester Stallone, who is willing to pay a hefty sum of money for a front row seat to watch the McGregor-Mayweather fight. However, for the fight to go as plan Mayweather’s camp has to talk with UFC president Dana White for approval and by the looks of it, White is not sold out for the fight to happen.

White is rumored to be fixing a schedule for McGregor to fight Nate Diaz in a rematch that was shelved and originally booked for UFC 200. Thus, Mayweather and McGregor may have to continue to their talks and hope that the UFC agrees to their terms in the future.

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