Next-Gen Amazon Echo Update: 7-inch touch-screen, but poor quality audio; Release likely to be in July 2017

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Amazon Echo Update: 7-inch touch-screen but poor quality audio; Release likely to be in July 2017
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American e-commerce company will roll out an Echo-inspired speaker with the screen very soon. The new version of Amazon Echo speaker is developed on the concept of artificial intelligence. It is likely to take the e-commerce electronic giant to the next level business by July 2017. However, there is one issue. The next-gen Echo sounds like a croak and has a rather weird acoustics.

Will Amazon Echo’s developer Lab126 step up the final touches before its official release?

The Next-Gen Amazon Echo: The Legacy

The advanced version of Amazon Echo is likely to feature a centerpiece console with 7-inch touch screen. The display will provide interactive information on weather, calendar and specific home-control data. The dimensions of the existing model of the speaker will be retained.

Currently, the Echo measures a single free-standing 9.25-inch tall cylindrical speaker with a 7-piece high fidelity microphone array. The device exclusively responds to “Alexa”. The new model with a screen will adjust automatically to the illumination and voice intensity even when it plays music at full volume.


As per speculations, the next-gen Amazon Echo will be released by July 2017. Amazon released Echo Dot, a puck-sized speaker, in March 2016 followed by a dual-speaker unit named the Amazon Tap. Now, it has added a screen to it to complete the ensemble of acoustic Alexa systems.

Early this year, it was reported that Amazon’s Lab126 is developing an Alexa-powered speaker with touch screen features. It was codenamed as “Knight.” The earlier Echo was developed as Doppler or Project D.

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Amazon will make its bid to capitalize on the segment consisting of voice-controlled devices by launching the next-gen Echo.  The segment already has the likes of Google and Apple Inc. fighting it out. The e-commerce giant believes that the touch screen with Alexa will reduce the effort required to perform tasks like marking calendar events, set appointments and read the news.

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Why the next-gen Amazon Echo, may not deliver quality audio?

Firstly, the company has decided to retain all the features of the present Echo model. The next-gen Amazon Echo is an extended version with Kindle-like features that prevent it from being portable. Secondly, while the screen makes the gadget more versatile, expecting quality acoustics from it is vanity.

Meanwhile, Amazon Echo is the top-choice as a lovable Christmas gift this season and the new launch could extend that season further into mid-2017.


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