Donald Trump’s cabinet: Game-changer Kellyanne Conway favorite for Chief of Staff role

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Donald Trump's cabinet: Game-changer Kellyanne Conway favorite for Chief of Staff role
Image courtesy: Gage Skidmore/ Wikimedia Commons

Elected President Donald Trump is definitely going to reward most of his allies who have stood by his side, even as the world around him was crumbling. And in all likelihood, his media campaigner Kellyanne Conway could run away with the biggest chunk of Donald Trump’s cabinet.

Her Twitter charades against Hillary Clinton reveals so much about how Trump’s strategy mellowed down in the last 60-odd days, between September 1 and November 8.

Amidst the chaos over choice of ministers, Donald Trump might pick Conway over the rest for the position of the Chief of Staff. If that turns true, we could well see America Inc. on the roll at White House with glamour and spark than it ever had.

Most followers want to know why Donald Trump’s cabinet must feature Ms. Kellyanne Conway.

First and only reason, for her connect with the female voters and campaigners, of course.  When she was hired for the campaign, Trump was trailing Hillary Clinton by 10 points.

And after the election is over, she continues to polish his image.

Made the Campaign Manager for the Republican candidate in August 2016, she scored a victory in her very first campaign. In fact, she is also the first woman in the history of US elections to run a victorious Presidential campaign that has been blighted by media biases and relentless “white” support from everywhere.

In less than 3 months, Conway is seen as the best “surrogate” for Trump, even better than his regular campaigners.

Coming on the table after Don’s seasoned campaigners left him fearing that the tyrannical lambasts against Islam followers, Blacks and Hispanics will rout his Presidential campaign, Conway cheer-led the supporters through the tumultuous time.

Her arrival following the exit of veteran Republican supporters like Paul Manafort, Jacob Monty and Massey Villarreal severely crippled the Presidential run. Or was it good for the campaign!

The pasture looks fertile, ploughed and ready for Conway to reap the benefits. At 49, the CEO of The Polling Company Inc./Woman Trend, the former New Jersey Blueberry Princess pageant winner is an alumna of the Trinity College and the George Washington University Law School.

A handy law experience and business aptitude aside, Conway is well versed with the demography and political scene in the country and world, often commenting on FOX News, CNN and other popular broadcasters in the US.

Given the experience the mother of four has in washing ‘dirty laundry’, Conway could well be the best loyalist in Donald Trump’s cabinet to place his faith on, before taking oath on January 20 at the Inauguration Day ceremony. With Conway by his side, chances of turning friendly with the disgruntled Americans could well be easy in the coming 4 years of his new ‘venture’.

Image courtesy: Gage Skidmore/ Wikimedia Commons

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