Facebook London HQ Update: Tech-giant’s thumbs-up for the European challenge; announce 500 new jobs despite Brexit

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Facebook London HQ Update: Tech-giant's thumbs-up for the European challenge; announce 500 new jobs despite Brexit
Image courtesy: LPS.1/ Wikimedia commons

The Facebook London HQ update has brought smiles to the Millennials. The social media giant will open a new headquarter in London by 2017. Brexit has failed to derail Facebook’s plans to expand ruthlessly in Europe, especially Britain. However, it is the number of new jobs on the offer that is making a bigger wave in the continent. It is evident that Facebook does not care about Britain’s political trauma, even as the native enterprises are still fighting to keep pace with the new developments.

Facebook’s love for London

London is easily the safest place to do business in Europe. According to BBC, Fitzrovia will be the new address for Facebook.  The company intends to place 500 new employees, including marketers and sales personnel, developers, data scientists and technicians. The US technology giant is eyeing rapid expansion into Europe, Middle East and Africa by 2018.

Doing business in the UK has proved to be productive so far. For example, the Aquila Project was developed and first tested in Britain in March 2015. The solar-powered drone can fly up to 90 days without landing. Developed as part of its program, Facebook intends to connect remote users and provide internet services via Aquila.

Will London become the new Silicon Valley after Facebook London HQ Update?

Facebook’s announcement comes less than a week after Google pledged to invest £1 billion in a new London site. Google intends to create 3,000 new jobs by 2020. Other tech giants like Apple, Samsung and Philips might follow the trend and turn London into the 21st century Silicon Valley.

Does it make American business less viable?

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg’s mission to keep the world “connected” irrespective of world-changing moments are behind the new decision to pitch up a new headquarter in London. No matter how much the world changes, Facebook chief urged the world to embrace connectivity in his speech at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Lima, Peru.

During the presidential campaign, Zuckerberg was hurled by one rebellion after another, even as employees from diverse communities blamed Facebook for adding a mileage to Trump’s campaign. On November 9, Donald Trump won the race, largely due to impressive media political strategy. Business in America may not be that viable for now as it was before Trump landed.


Photo courtesy: LPS.1/ Wikimedia commons 

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