Krispy Kreme uses fake ingredients: Donut company faces $5M lawsuit

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Krispy Kreme or the company Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. is facing a class-action lawsuit after a customer reportedly filed the case against the donut company claiming that some of the ingredients used in his donuts were full of “imitation ingredients.”

TMZ reported the new class action lawsuit, which is reportedly seeking $5 million damages for customers because Krispy Kreme falsely advertised some of the donuts they sold to customers.

The case, which was filed November 9, 2016, was filed in the California Central District Court with Stephen V. Wilson as the judge, according to online court documents.

Additional report state that Faruqi & Faruqi filed the suit for the customer named Jason Saidian, who claims that he wouldn’t have bought the Krispy Kreme donut or paid less if not for the “false and misleading business practices.”

According to reports, Jason Saidian ordered Glazed Raspberry Filled, Chocolate Iced Raspberry Filled, Maple Iced Glazed and Glazed Blueberry Cake donuts but claimed that some of them did not contain the ingredients he was looking for.

“Unbeknownst to Plaintiff and other consumers, the Raspberry Products do not contain actual raspberries, the Maple Products do not contain actual maple syrup or maple sugar, and the Blueberry Products do not contain actual blueberries,” the Krispy Kreme lawsuit stated.

Meanwhile, notes that this is not the first time that Faruqi & Faruqi are going up against Krispy Kreme. Last July, it filed a class action lawsuit against the company after it was planned to be sold to another European company.

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