MacBook meets newest rivals, Lenovo and slew of Asian vendors

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Apple recently launched two brand new MacBooks that’s only 13-inch and 15-inch thin that shared a similar design with its existing 12-inch MacBook. The MacBook is one of the top computing devices in the world and one of its key growth driver.

However, a slew of notebook vendors, such as Acer, Lenovo, Dell and Asustek Computer, are making their way in the market and readying their new ultra-notebooks to compete with the Apple MacBook.

Unfortunately, for the Asian notebook vendors, competing with the MacBook is a tall order. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. With the right strategy and technology, any company with a solid vision can keep up with this challenge. It’s just going to take some time and huge efforts to take on the well-established brand of Apple.

One such notebook player is Lenovo, the high-flying Chinese-based company that’s more widely known for its PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. But Lenovo also has a plenty of premium notebooks that’s are capable of going head-to-head with the MacBook.

Recently, it launched its newest notebook, the 14-inch enterprise ThinkPad X1 Carbon with a thickness of only 1.65 cm and weight of 1.18 kilogram and has the looks and  feels of a premium MacBook Air. In addition to ThinkPad, Lenovo has also the LaVie Z, which according to Lenovo is the lightest laptop in the world. The LaVie Z weighs only 0.8 kilogram and has a 16.8 mm thin body, which made possible by a super light Mg-Li Alloy material and Lenovo’s uniquely developed build techniques and components.

It’s not just Lenovo, Chinese mobile startup Xiaomi is also on the hunt, working on a laptop to compete with Apple’s MacBook. According to reports, the Chinese company is trying to do to laptops what it did with mobile phones, which is to bring the price of premium devices down and make more appeal to average consumers. For a company like Xiaomi, growth is slowing down in the mobile phone and the market for an ultra-thin notebook is growing fast. This could provide the company with a new way to bolsters its business and a new area for growth.

Picture Courtesy: Raneko/Wikimedia Commons

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