Chris Evans quits Top Gear to face alleged sexual assault 24 years ago; Victim reveals how he worked, abused people for his fame

Chris Evans quits Top Gear show to face alleged sexual assault case
Chris Evans quits Top Gear to face alleged sexual assault happened 24 years ago. Presenter resigned hours after police confirmed case investigation.

Chris Evans quits Top Gear to face alleged sexual assault fired by an office colleague 24 years ago. He made his surprise decision hours after the police confirmed the investigation. The victim speaks up on the details of how he abused everyone in the workplace by using his name.

After months of continuous denial, Top Gear host finally resigns for good due to former colleague’s complaint on his relentless sexual abuse in the past. The victim revealed that BBC presenter abused her continuously for two years in the early 1990s.

The complaint happened six days before Top Gear premiered on BBC. After the first episode, Chris Evans immediately resigned after the police confirmed to open the victim’s sexual assault case. Hours after the confirmation, BBC presenter left his job.

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Due to the police confirmation, the show’s ratings dramatically decreased which later made him decide to forcibly leave his job. “Gave it my best shot but sometimes that’s not enough. The team are beyond brilliant. I wish them all the best,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Daily Mail UK reported that the alleged victim was his former colleague in the early 1990s when Chris Evans was the host of Channel 4’s “The Big Breakfast” and BBC Radio 1’s breakfast show.

She said he kept on grabbing her breasts in the workplace and frequently exposed his penis or underwear after refusal of sleeping with him. During an interview with a local newspaper, she stated Evans wanted to have an affair with her but she refused.

“Chris wanted an affair with me but I didn’t want to because he was with someone else at the time. So he sent me to Coventry. He told colleagues not to talk to me. It was bullying behavior,” she told Heat Street. 

“He often said I was crap at my job and would sometimes grab my breasts. I became totally desensitized to his behavior. He would scream, shout and swear at me,” the victim added.

“He would scream and shout and swear at me if I told him something simple such as reminding him he was due on air in 10 minutes’ time. He would be abusive. Sometimes I was on my own with him, sometimes not. All I was thinking was that I had to do my job and make sure everything was going efficiently,” she continued.

She asked about his gratification after doing this abuse on her for long time. “I have no idea if he was getting some gratification out of this, but he used to get his penis out every time I saw him. He’d either just get it out, or he’d walk in to a room naked. Sometimes it was erect, sometimes it wasn’t,” she stated.

Because of the continuous act from 1992 to 1994, she became dependent to anti-depressants while staying at work. She explained why she can’t easily get out though she wanted that time. “I stayed because I had to pay the rent,” she stated.

The alleged victim revealed many people behind the cameras were upset besides her. She doesn’t even believe he changed regardless people saying so.

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“I would get very upset seeing him doing something really successful because everyone knows what he’s like. He’s got away with it and we all know what he’s like,” she cited.

“Everyone says he’s changed, but there’s no way he’s changed, in my opinion. Everyone I’ve spoken to is scathing about him — particularly intelligent people who’ve worked with him. They were just appalled by his behavior, and it is appalling. I just resent having been treated like that and having to go through that,” the victim continued.

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