Haas F1 Team looking to impress in debut F1 season

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The 2016 Formula One season brings with it a lot of anticipation. With new rules and qualifying format, the new season also welcomes a new team in Haas F1.

After passing FIA’s mandatory crash test and participating in winter testing, the new kids on the grid are now set to show its stuff when the F1 season kicks off in Melbourne next week. Let us get to meet the newest team in F1.

The Haas F1 team is owned by industrialist Gene Haas, whose Haas Automation Company is recognized as the largest machine tool manufacturer in North America with over $1 billion in annual sales. For those who follow US motor racing, Haas is the co-owner of the Stewart-Haas Racing NASCAR Sprint Cup winning team.

“We are doing this as a challenge to market our products and be involved in races,” explained Haas.

Haas F1 is the first US-owned team in more than 30 years. Its headquarters is based in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Its European base is in Banbury, Central England for its logistics. The team will use Ferrari’s wind tunnel in Maranelo, Italy. Because of its close ties with Ferrari, Haas F1 has been dubbed as the Scuderia’s “B-team.” However, it wants to prove itself as more than just a B-team.

Haas still has to produce several of the listed parts required to be called a constructor. In the meantime, Ferrari will be supplying the remaining elements of the car such as the gearbox, power unit, and suspension. Supplying the chassis will be Dallara, which Haas expects to be different from that of Ferrari.

“Our chassis will be a in some ways an improved version from Ferrari because we are using more. I would not say state-of-the-art but different from Ferrari and probably a better design.” Haas explained.

Its close ties with Ferrari have enabled the team to develop its aerodynamic concept in the former’s wind tunnel facility. Likewise, it has given the team access to proven Ferrari kit.

But while the team is American, its drivers are not from the US. Romain Grosjean of France and Esteban Gutierrez of Mexico will pilot the Haas cars.

For the new kids on the block, there is nothing more they want than to impress other teams on their debut season.

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