Pope Francis’ Fiat Popemobile sells in auction market

Pope Francis’ Fiat Popemobile made its way into the auction market Friday and was sold for a whopping $300,000 that will surely benefit a charitable institute.

The New York Daily News reports that the 2015 Fiat Lounge Hatchback that was used by the Pope during his US visit last year originally has a tag price of $24,000 but when it was auctioned, the car value went off the roof, so to speak, and collector Miles Nadal was able to outwit other bidders by $1 to take home the car.

It was also learned that Nadal, a philanthropist and a Jew, was not able to meet the Pope during his visit but was very elated to bring home the car that will be added to his collection of cars and motorcycles. He also noted that the Fiat car will be available to public viewing on an announced date.

“I’m actually Jewish, and I did not see the Pope during his visit. But he is probably the most important figure in the world. And it’s a great conversation piece,” Nadal said.

Proceeds of the auction will go to Catholic charities, including schools within the New York City.

TMZ reported that Nadal has no plans of driving the said Popemobile that comes with a free blessing. Nadal stated that he will meet either Cardinal Timothy Dolan at St. Patrick’s Cathedral or at the Archdiocese of New York for the blessing of the Fiat 500 model vehicle.

The said Fiat Popemobile was used to cruise Pope Francis around New York City and was the vehicle that the Pope rode on his way from New York to Washington D.C. Nadal even posted in his Twitter account how proud he is for owning the said vehicle.

Nadal was the former CEO of MDC Partners Inc., a holding company based also in New York with an office also located in Toronto, Canada.

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