Maserati electric sports car in the works to compete with Tesla

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Maserati electric sports car

Move aside, Tesla. A Maserati electric sports car may just be added onto the electric sports vehicle category. Fiat Chrysler chief Sergio Marchionne revealed that the company is considering adding a range of new electric sports cars that can rival the Tesla.

The bijou Fiat 500e have already started Fiat’s journey into the electric sports car race. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. The newly unveiled Alfieri coupe will still have to undergo developments for the EV transformation.

The Maserati electric sports car Alfieri already features a Bijou 500e that boasts of zero emission. However, Bijou500e is only available in North America. Will Alfieri and the electric vehicle line up see a wider market release?

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“I’ve always thought the economic model that supports Tesla is something that Fiat Chrysler could replicate as we have the brand and the vehicles to do it. I think that to use one of our potential cars as an experiment in this area is interesting,” Marchionne told Bloomberg.

The Alfieri coupe may not be the only one undergo an EV touchup. Aside from the all-electric Maserati sports car, the company is also considering launching a small city car. Marchionne has already earmarked the European market for the release of their electric city car. If this happens, Fiat Chrysler will be the first car manufacturer to penetrate the region.

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Other than electric vehicles, there will also be a lineup of hybrid vehicles, featuring the Maserati Levante sport-utility vehicles. However, sports car enthusiasts may have to wait as the current plan of model cars to be released does not include the Maserati electric sports car just yet.

Fiat Chrysler chief Marchionne is still in the middle of the current 5-year plan which ends in 2018. Meanwhile, Marchionne himself may not even see the electric Maserati sports car materialize in his stewardship of the company. He is will step down from his post in 2019.

Photo courtesy: Maserati Alfieri 2015/Wikimedia

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