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Its coming just a few days away, Tesla’s newest model is about to hit the road this weekend. Tesla has already started sending out invitations for the upcoming big event that will take place at Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, California on Thursday.

The launch of the most hotly-anticipated Model 3 will be streamed live on Tesla’s website. Set to few selected group or people and an individual, Tesla’s invitations doesn’t really specify precisely where the launch will take place or what time it will start.

Order book start for new Tesla Model 3 on March 31, however, customers have to make a $1000 deposit to secure place on the waiting list. Recent customers of the Tesla Model S and Model X have also been allocated a reserve slots by the company.

Deliveries of the car aren’t scheduled to start until late 2017, and there’s been no public testament on how quickly customer cars might arrive.

Scheduled to hit the road in late 2017 with a starting price tag of $35,000 before incentives, the Tesla Model 3 is an entry-level sedan aimed right at the BMW 3 Series. It also the company’s first true mass-market electric vehicle.

But for all of the hype and buzz surrounding the Model 3, Tesla remained tight-lipped about the Model 3. At this point, customers still have no idea what the car really looks like, though it will be about 20 percent smaller than the Model S, range of 200 miles or more, and a base price of about $35,000 before federal and local tax incentives are factored in.

Tesla has already said that it didn’t go “super crazy” with the design to avoid the delays that plagued its recent model the Tesla Model X, but expect the new car to borrow some styling cues from its older siblings.

The Model 3 will likely to get a 200 miles of range in its most basic configuration courtesy of its all-electric drivetrain. Rear-wheel drive will come standard, and a dual-motor all-wheel drive system will likely be available as an options and additional costs.

It’s too early to tell and hard to speculate whether the new model will build on a new version of the architecture platform. But according to an earlier reports by British online publication AutoCar, the Model 3 will likely to use a bespoke platform, not one that have seen from the Model S, but the car will be roughly the same size as a BMW 3 Series.

Of course, the timeliness of the Model 3 will largely depend on the completion of Tesla’s massive Nevada ‘Gigafactory’, which will go full swing in Nevada later this year. The Tesla’s power factory will handle the supply lithium-ion cells for the Model 3. The company is relying on the economy of scale offered by the huge factory to achieve the $35,000 price target for the Model3.

Key to the new model’s performance and price is the battery pack. Knowing Tesla’s current battery development, it’s assumed that new battery will be made up of much larger cells, probably about 20 mm x 70 mm, instead of Tesla’s current 18 mm x 65 mm. Customers can expect a huge improvement in the battery packs as earlier reports said that Tesla and partner Panasonic will use a silicon graphene anode in place of the current cell’s graphite anode.

While no technical details will be announced until the big event, it’s expected it to have almost the same level of performance or at least match rivals BMW’s M3 and M4 supercars. it also expected to contain less aluminum and more steel than its older siblings, the Model S and Model X.

But a recent article published by a stock market website SeekingAlpha caught my attention. Here, SeekingAlpha author Randy Carlson predicts three versions of the Tesla’s upcoming Model 3.

Here the three versions of the model 3, according to SeekingAlpha’s Carlson.

  • The version 344: Entry-level, single-motor, rear-wheel drive version, with a base price of $35,000, EPA range of 220 miles from a 44-kWh battery, and 0-to-60-mph time of 5.6 seconds.
  • The version 366D: Dual-motor AWD standard version with an EPA range of 320 miles    from a 66-kWh battery. 0-60 time 4.7 seconds, price $44,000.
  • The version P366D: 340-hp performance version with dual motors, AWD, a 300-mile EPA range, and 0-to-60 time of 3.1 seconds; priced with leather and a luxury interior at $60,000

In addition, Carlson also predicted that the new Model 3 will be almost exactly the same size as its rival, the BMW 3 series. And because of its smaller motor and flexible battery placement, the Model 3 can have a longer wheelbase. This could result in much larger cabin and bigger wheels.

Until Tesla pulls back the curtain in the big event, customers can only see the most detailed and well-informed guesswork about the Tesla Model 3 online.

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