3 reasons why Prince Harry is smitten by Meghan Markle

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Meghan  Markle has found herself more in the limelight these days because of her rumored relationship with Prince Harry. Not that she is in need of attention since she is already well-known in ‘Suits.’ There’s just something in her that captured Harry’s attention, and here are three reasons why the Prince is so into her.

She’s involved in charity work

It’s already common knowledge that both Prince William and Prince Harry support a number of charities. But not a lot, perhaps, know that Markle herself is a strong supporter of various charities. The 35-year old actress has been involved in various humanitarian work and even became the global ambassador for World Vision Canada. This year, she visited Rwanda to participate in setting up the clean water project in that nation. It is also because of charity work that the two met. Harry met Markle while he was promoting his Invictus Games for disabled servicemen. Perhaps, this can be a tip for those women who want to catch a prince’s attention – be involved in charity work.

She’s an old-school romantic

Despite becoming a household name, Markle did not lose her sense of value, especially in the simple things of life. That is a very endearing trait not only to Harry but to other people she have met. She has brought that sense of wonder and value in how she treats relationships. She said that nothing will beat a handwritten letter no matter how bad the penmanship is. It’s the thought that counts.

In her own words, “At the end of the day, if the guy is going to write a girl a letter, whether it looks like a doctor’s note, if he takes time to put pen to paper and not type something, there’s something so romantic and beautiful about that.”

She’s low-maintenance

Being low-maintenance does not mean people or men can treat her the way she deserves to be treated. It simply means that she is secure in her own skin and can go out in public without having to doll up all the time. In fact, she confirmed that she’s already dolled up in the show that she just doesn’t want to spend more time in front of the mirror. She added that she’d rather have fun and enjoy.

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