One Direction Niall Horan working with Adele’s ‘Hello’ hitmaker

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Niall Horan must be the least obvious among all the One Direction members that everyone was surprised to see him release his first solo ‘This Town’ under Capitol Records. And the same producer who masterminded his song is the same one who made Adele’s comeback hit ‘Hello.’

It seems like Horan has everything else figured out because he recruited Greg Kurstin, the super-producer who masterminded Adele’s Hello, to work with him on his track. Kurstin also produced Sia’s Chandelier, Ellie Goulding’s Burn, and Lily Allen’s The Fear. He also has six Grammy nominations to his name.

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His solo debut also seemed like a blow to his fellow members who each had signed their own record deals with other recording companies.

It can be recalled that Harry Styles, Zayne Malik, and Liam Payne have all been in the center of media attention for various reasons. Styles had acting roles and signed an $80 million record deal with Columbia Records, Malik was also aggressive in pursuing his career, and Payne has been in the tabloids for his romance with Cheryl Cole, yet nothing was heard from Horan until now.

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The Sun reported that a source close to Horan said that the star has been keeping this project top secret because he is creating it most especially for One Direction fans.

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“He didn’t want lots of hype around his music and instead wanted something aimed directly at the One Direction fans,” the source said. “Releasing first before any of his other band mates is a huge sign of his intent. All artists now release their new singles on Friday but Niall has deliberately gone one day before to make his launch an event in itself.”

The source said that this move really showed Horan’s strong dedication in pursuing his solo career and even added that the star is “in a strong place under Capitol in the US and Virgin EMI over here.”

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