Will Smith dead after supposed car crash: Father of Jaden Smith also victim of recent death hoax

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Will Smith death hoax
Will Smith death hoax

Last April, Will Smith (the actor) was involved in a case of both mistaken identity and death hoax, when Will Smith (the New Orleans Saints football player) was shot by fellow football player Cardell Hayes. Recently though, Smith (the actor) was involved again in a death hoax story, when news about his death surfaced following a car crash in Boston.

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According to the website the Gamer’s Drop, Will Smith was supposedly “found in a car crash at Boston” where a “three-car collision at Melrose, Massachusetts was reported late last night.”

The source goes on to describe that a man was loading landscape equipment into a trailer when a sedan hit him, his vehicle and another SUV. The website goes on to cite a Fox report which indicated that the sedan was driven by a woman who was with her two children, who were all taken to a nearby hospital after the accident. The man, died on the scene.

The website goes on to speculate that a rumor suggested that the man was Will Smith, but there is no evidence that proves or shows that the story has any ounce of truth.

Will Smith to meet death in upcoming movie

Will Smith WILL be facing death though, along with time and love, in his upcoming movie Collateral Beauty, where he plays a New York advertising executive who is dealing with his daughter’s death. To cope, Smith’s character writes to Death, Love and Time to try and make sense of his daughter’s passing.

“We’re here to connect,” says Smith in the trailer. “Love, time, death: these three things connect every single human being on Earth. We long for love, we wish we had more time, and we fear death.”

But death (hoaxes) seems to be following Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith around.

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Recently, Jaden Smith has also been involved in several death hoax stories, which seemed to start on the eve of his eighteenth birthday. Since then, there have been several reports of his apparent suicide, overdose and other fake news concerning his passing.

Worry not, though, as Will, Jaden and even Jada and Willow are all alive and well.

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