Westworld Spoilers, Theories: It is just a miniature park and other speculations

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Westworld has just recently aired its first episode, yet it has generated a lot of interest and questions already. Viewers try to find answers to a lot of questions to make sense of everything that has taken place in the pilot episode. With questions come theories of various kinds, one of which is the location and size of Westworld itself.

It’s a miniature

The theory came in observation to how the camera panned out from the town to the opening center of the amusement park which gives an impression that the park and all its inhabitants are miniatures which are very detailed to the tiniest bit. Even the trailer of the series suggests that it is indeed a miniature version where Dr. Rober Ford (Anthony Hopkins) controls everything with the help of his assistant Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright).

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It’s a giant set, like “The Truman Show”

Another theory is that the theme park is a giant set reminiscent of Jim Carrey’s “The Truman Show” where everyone is an actor and only Dolores (Evan Rachel Woods) has no idea what is really happening but she is the main character. That is a big possibility as hinted by Dr. Ford where he told her that she is in his dreams.

“Do you have any idea where you are?” Dr. Frod asked Dolores, “you are in my dream,” he added when Dolores answered that she was in a dream. He then added that he designed every part of the place and that it was not just a theme park but another world.

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It’s an arena like the “Hunger Games”

Westworld can even be a place where Dr. Ford allows the fantasy of every visitor to become a reality no matter how dark and disturbing they may be. The androids there were actual people who “sold” their soul to Dr. Ford in exchange of fulfilling their darkest and deepest desires and not be responsible for it. Or it could be Dr. Ford attracts them and let them live out their fantasy as he watches with twisted satisfaction, like Jigsaw watching his victims annihilate each other to death to survive.

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As everyone who watched the pilot episode knows by now, everyone was given a new slate the next day and all their memories of the previous day were erased. Furthermore, the trailer gives an impression that Dr. Ford might be creating a replica of real people and transferring their personalities to the androids.

Whatever kind of place Westworld is and the real nature of their characters are, it will slowly be revealed in the coming episodes.

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