5 most unreliable quarterbacks in NFL history

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Perhaps, the quarterback position is the most difficult position in football because of the responsibility it entails. Not only should they know their own responsibility but also the responsibility of each offensive player.

Aside from that, he must have a sharp eye in assessing the gameplay of the defense and anticipate their moves. In simple terms, they are the backbone of a football team. However, it is not also surprising to see some very unreliable quarterbacks throughout NFL history. Here are five of them.

Dan Pastorini

Dan Pastorini was a former quarterback whose career spanned from 1971-1983. He has played for the Houston Oilers, Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Rams, and the Philadelphia Eagles. He has a total of 122 starts and have more interceptions than touchdowns.

His career ended when he broke his leg while playing for the Raiders. This gave way to future Super Bowl winner Jim Plunkett.

Jack Trudeau

Jack Trudeau played for the New York Jets, Carolina Panthers, and Indianapolis during his career which spanned nine years from 1985-1996. As a rookie, he started with 18 interceptions and 8 touchdowns.

The Colts were pretty desperate those days as they announced him as their starting quarterback with an overall QB rating of 71.3. Despite the confidence his team gave him, he was unable to bring them the victory they were hoping for.

Ryan Leaf

During the NFL Draft in 1998, many football analysts say that there is only little difference between him and Peyton Manning.

So it was expected that if Manning was chosen by the other team, the next best choice was Leaf.

Unfortunately for the San Diego Chargers, which chose him, he only completed one pass for four yards, fumbled three times, and threw two picks. With a completion rate of 6.7, it was no surprise that Leaf did not reach the fame Manning has enjoyed.

JaMarcus Russell

His career was rather short-lived and all for a good reason. During his time with the Oakland Raiders, which happened to be his only team, between 2007-2009, Russell only had 25 starts with 18 touchdowns to 23 interceptions. It’s not bad unless he showed up overweight on many occasions reflecting his laziness and lack of commitment to the game.

Joey Harrington

Joey Harrington was not bad considering he was fourth place in the Heisman Trophy. He was drafted by the Detroit Lions where he showed an unimpressive six more interceptions than touchdowns in his NFL career.

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