The Walking Dead Season 7: New York Comic Con spoilers and rumors that you missed [VIDEO]

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The Walking Dead 7 spoilers and rumors from New York Comic Con
The Walking Dead 7 spoilers and rumors from New York Comic Con

Questions will finally be answered when the seventh season of the Walking Dead premiers this month. Thankfully fans were given a ton of spoilers to quell their when the cast of the popular zombie series finally made the stage at the New York Comic Con.

But obviously, the most common question in everyone’s minds right now is who did Negan kill?


AMC made sure to fuel the fan theory fire during the New York Comic Con, releasing a teaser that seemed to reveal more clues about this long-running the Walking Dead quandary.

Based on the trailer (which can also be seen below), Negan’s victim seems to be situated on the right side of Rick, as there is blood spatter on his right cheek. Based on the end of season six, this line includes characters-Daryl, Maggie, Michonne, Rosita, Glenn and Abraham. Also, in case fans missed it, Negan began talking about Rick’s “right-hand man” meaning his victim could probably be rounded out to the male characters.

The teaser provides what is thought to be a glimpse of the body of Negan’s victim. Towards the end of the trailer, the camera pans to a white blanket next to what seems to be blood and the body of a person. Fans will recall that in season 6, Daryl was the only character carrying a white towel.

According to fan theories, the trailer also seems to hint of very challenging times ahead for Rick, who, fans think, will lose his hand in the upcoming season.

The Walking Dead cast members break down at New York Comic Con panel

Meanwhile, some of the Walking Dead’s cast members also let out a bit of spoilers as Laruen Cohan and Melissa McBride cracked during the panel interview led by Chris Hardwick. A teary-eyed Cohan even shared, “You all have been on such a huge journey with us” as she began to cry.

“Thank you for caring about our show, and for getting mad when you don’t know things,” shared the actress. “This is larger than our lives; this is larger than our show. This is such a privilege. This is such a great thing.”

Does Cohan’s message send a hint to fans about Negan’s victim, though?

Aside from Cohan, other members of the Walking Dead panel also shared some spoilers with Scott Gimple noting that “the performances this year are astounding.” Robert Kirkman also hinted of new faces for this season including the much-publicized tiger. Alanna Masterson shared that her character, Tara, will finally be back after her supply run from the start of time.

Watch out for these spoilers, as well as the anticipated reveal of Negan’s victim when the seventh season of the Walking Dead premieres on October 23 on AMC.

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