The Voice Rumors: Miley Cyrus quitting show due to constant ridicule by Blake Shelton and Adam Levine

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Miley Cyrus quits the Voice
Miley Cyrus quits the Voice

New rumors about the departure of Miley Cyrus from the Voice are beginning to swirl online again as reports from unnamed sources are saying that the singer is currently unhappy with her gig as a judge for the show.

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According to sources, Cyrus, who’s reported to be under constant ridicule by fellow coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, has already contemplated quitting the show on several occasions.

“Levine nitpicks almost every single thing she says,” a source shared with OK! Magazine. “It is such a different vibe right now,” said another source to Radar Online. “Miley is saying she refuses to be beat by the old men!”

Fans of the Voice are surely aware that the judges tend to bicker at each other from time to time- like Levine constantly poking fun at Shelton for his attempts to relate to contestants and then Shelton persistently dropping his number of wins on the show.

Miley Cyrus bickering with other judges?

But according to sources, the bickering has not exactly panned out for Cyrus, who “has tried to keep up with Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, both of which accuse her of talking too much on the show.” This has prompted some to speculate that the jabs have become deeper and “might no longer be as humorous and friendly as they seem on television.”

Although, this may not be the case when it comes to the contestants of the show, who seem to gravitate greatly towards Miley Cyrus. With her roster of Karlee Metzger, Lane Mack, Courtney Ramirez, Ali Caldwell, Aaron Gibson, Khaliya Kimberlie, Sophia Urista, Darbi Walker, Sa’rayah, Charity Bowden, Josette Diaz, and Maye Thomas, fans are hoping that a win in the Voice will be another addition to Cyrus’ already stellar music career.

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This is also why a departure from the Voice seems quite unlikely for Miley Cyrus (for now). With all the legal trouble that she could face, a strong team and (what looks to be) a fervent passion to win the contest we may all just see her on the show for many more years to come.

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